Exploring Mars at the Kennedy Space Center

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 Astronauts Wanted: Opportunities on Mars

There used to be calls for astronauts, to explore the moon and space, but ever since NASA’s Mars Rover started sending us photos of the 4th planet from the sun,  man has stretched their imaginations a little further, directing it to the little red planet in our solar system called Mars.  I’ve seen “Astronauts Wanted” adverts on-line and heard about them in the news. Scientists  have even set the plans in motions, holding simulated Mars training – according to the TIME, they’ve been there for a year now.

NASA logo at Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, Florida
My sister invited us along to explore Kennedy Space Center

When my sister invited us to join her at Kennedy Space Center as a birthday present for my son, I confess, I was curious about  their Mars exhibit. I’ve been reading about people signing up to travel to Mars.  Would there be recruiters standing by to take your names? Would my son beg me to allow him on a Mars mission? No to both of those questions, but we did find the Journey to Mars: Explorers Wanted attraction eye-opening. There is a lot more going on at NASA in regards to Mars than what we believed.

Journey to Mars exhibit at Kennedy Space Center
Do you have what it takes? Find at Kennedy Space Center at Journey to Mars: Explorers Wanted

An astronaut  was on hand to greet us before we escaped from the 96F Florida heat into the cool darkness of the Journey to Mars exhibition.

I noted the We Want You posters immediately, reminiscent of the old Uncle Sam recruitment ads. Inside the red glowing dim interior were images of the red planet and studies that NASA has been conducting regarding the viability of humans traveling to Mars. From radiation to severe atrophy of muscles, they have been carefully digesting this matter- and speaking of digesting, one of the ‘we want you’ posters showed a farmer-astronaut, giving a big nod of significance to farmers and real food everywhere (thank you!)

Journey to Mars, Kennedy Space Center
Farmers Wanted at the Journey to Mars Exhibit, Kennedy Space Center
Journey to Mars attraction at Kennedy Space Center
Exploring inside Journey to Mars attraction with the family.






The Journey to Mars: Explorers Wanted exhibition is one of the many  family-friendly attractions you can explore at The Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral located just East of Orlando, Florida.

The posters at the Journey to Mars attraction were reminicent of the old Uncle Sam recruitment campaign.
Astronauts wanted for the journey to Mars at Kennedy Space Center

The next rocket launch, SpaceX ‘s Falcon 9 CRS-7 from Kennedy Space Center has been rescheduled from June 26 to June 28. Their website has an exact countdown. Check it out here.

Check out the pics from the NASA Mars Rover here.




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