Disclosure & Liability Notice:

This is just a quick legal notice to let you know that my family and I are a real live family  visiting real places and doing cool things. I share these adventures with you guys, the readers. Now and then we do get the occasional freebie- like meals, attraction tickets, and rooms, but still we will continue to give our honest reporting opinion. If we like a place/event/sport, yay! This blog was intended to share useful information and the places raved about in the posts are worth raving about. You will now see advertisements on the sidebars (they are the pictures and I’ll let you know they are ads) -(these folks do pay me if you visit them or buy from their sites via my web page- it’s not a lot, but in order to bring you these marvelous adventure resources, this had to be ventured into).

Money disclaimer aside, as for the adventures, you know your own children and their limitations, be smart, be safe (though I figure you are pretty smart if you are reading this anyway). Allergies don’t run in my family, so we don’t fret as much over the sushi, peanuts and raw oysters, but if allergies run in your history, think twice.. I would never put my own children in harm or force them to venture into anything that they would not want to do themselves. Consider health, physical and mental risks before attempting these adventures. (If a water hole doesn’t look clean, it probably isn’t). I am not a doctor. Consult one if in doubt. Be smart, be safe. And love your life.

Indian Pass Sunset
Florida Gulf Coast sunset at Indian Pass


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