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The History

A SAHM with two young kids, the three of us explored our new town and I wrote about it.
A SAHM with two young kids, the three of us explored our new town and I wrote about it.

Over 7 years ago I started the Adventures of Mom Blog. I used to tell the kids stories of my backpacking-around-the-world adventures as their bedtime stories, and thus the ‘Adventures of Mom’ name was born, and then we moved to a new town. I was a SAHM with two little tykes and I didn’t know a soul. I used our lack of yard as a good excuse to explore our new environment, from the local parks and children’s museums to the natural springs and gardens. I started writing on-line to let fellow moms ( and dads) know about these incredible places and resources around us- (including where the nearest toilets were because that can be a top priority!) and focusing on good clean family fun.

Though the kids are long out of diapers, I’ve continued to share our adventures to make traveling to a new place a little bit easier for families, because life with kids is not always easy, but with a little foreknowledge, it can at least be a little smoother.




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About the Resource Guides

Located at the top of each page, this drop down menu gives you a detailed list of places to explore. These guides are updated, so check back on the area of your interest:

Our City Guides are run downs of places to go, stay and eat.


Our Education Resource Guides are filled with ideas to draw your kids (and your own) interest into the world around them. From cooking to learning new languages, and even finding great reading series. Though not travel, these are adventures in themselves. These contain handy links and further resources to help expand your knowledge on the subject.

Our Family Holiday Guides come out for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween & Easter, packed with ideas and tips to help you survive and thrive through the holidays with your family. You can subscribe to our newsletter to catch those in your in-box!

Okay, so not ALL of our adventures make it to the website- we are one year running on The Adventures of Mom YouTube Channel. Check out the backwaters of the Withlacoochee, Spring Hunting at Ginnie Springs and more. Subscribe to the Adventures of Mom YouTube Channel for some exclusive adventures.




                                               Daily Dose of Inspiration

How to live an extraordinary life. Tip #32
A Daily Dose of Inspiration.

Inspirational images and words created to give you a little boost of cheer. These tend to appear mid-week and follow a theme, from inspirational quotes to How to Live an Extraordinary Life tips. All images are original and taken by yours truly (unless otherwise noted).

Special Editions

A few times a year an Adventures of Mom Special Edition post is released. This usually coincides with a holiday or a school break and contains a myriad of useful information and links. Keep a watch out for these. They are very handy!

Tips and Ideas to make your family Spring Break the best one ever!
Tips and Ideas to make your family Spring Break the best one ever!

Links at the Bottom of Posts

The links at the bottoms of each post are merely recommendations for similar adventures on this website, so feel free to check them out.







To get you started, let’s learn a bit about you:

What type of adventures interest you?

If staying clean is a top priority for you and your family, check these out:

  1. Coming of Age at Kennedy Space Center

    Exploring Kennedy Space Center
    Exploring Kennedy Space Center
  2. Visiting the Florida Museum of Natural History
  3. Rollercoaster Thrills at Busch Gardens (Florida)
  4. Exploring Homosassa Springs State Park

If you don’t mind smelling a little fishy, start here:

  1. Angling for Adventure
  2. Canoeing on the Withlacoochee
  3. New Smyrna Fishing Charter Adventure
  4. Kayaking on Florida’s Rainbow River

If the kids swim like fish already, start here:

  1. Snorkeling on the Gulf Coast
  2. Exploring Juniper Springs
  3. Florida Spring Hunting
  4. Family Adventures on the Chassahowitzka River

    Snorkeling the springs in Florida at Christmas!
    Snorkeling the springs in Florida at Christmas! Photo by Sierra

If you are in the mood for an epic adventure, try this:

  1. Journey to the Edge of the World
  2. Kayaking Juniper Run: Florida’s Water Obstacle Course
  3. Paddling with Monkeys on the Silver River
  4. Hiking with Gators on La Chua Trail
  5. Zipping Across Canyons

If long sandy beaches are more your style, try these:

  1. Exploring Florida’s Gulf Coast- with Kids
  2. Anastasia Island: St. Augustine’s Best Beach
  3. Canaveral National Seashore

If you just want to escape from it all, check out these:

If you want to know everything about a place before you go, these might help you:

  1. Top Ten Reasons to Visit Pigeon Forge
  2. St. Augustine’s Top Ten
  3. Top Eleven Family Fun Things to do in Tampa
  4. 5 Things You Must do in Gatlinburg
  5. Amelia Island Top 5

Prefer a land adventure?

  1. Hiking Raven Cliffs Trailspring hunting at Homosassa Springs
  2. Hiking Black Bear Wilderness
  3. 10 Reasons to Visit the Great Smoky Mountains National Park


If you need a deeper knowledge of things, you might like:

  1. Is that Water Safe to Drink?
  2. Surviving Florida’s Severe Weather
  3. Hurricane Prep for Families

Where will your next adventures take you?

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