The Best of 2014: Adventure Review

2015 is nearly upon us- like in a few hours, though I would love to end this year with a beautiful sunset (I love celebrating sunsets), the gray skies have other plans. Looking back on the past year, we celebrated a few good sunsets: The St. Andrew’s Wharf sunset being the most memorable- a beer on the quay, clang of the ropes on the metal masts at the marina….ahh (I even use this pic on my new Twitter account!)

Sunset from Just the Cook
Sunset at Panama City: One memorable night out-but with the kids!

This year we hiked, swam in mountain streams, rode trains, tubed down rapids (Helen, GA), surrounded ourselves with family and friends and much, much more.  I cajoled the family into trying new things: (Though I certainly didn’t have to twist their arms!)  and Zip-Lining! We Zip-lined in the Nantahala Gorge at the NOC (Nantahala Outdoor Center).

NOC Adventure Park
Zip lining at the NOC

This year I rediscovered some old favorites: snorkeling! I love snorkeling. I used to snorkel in the Med! How could I forget that? And chasing schools of fish with my daughter in the Florida Panhandle was incredible. We can’t wait for our next snorkeling experience.

Snorkeling in the Gulf Coast
Snorkeling Family Fun

This summer we implemented the Daily Read– a 30 minute reading time-we still do it, my kids as part of their homework assignment and me- well I just joined a book club…more on that later. Everyone should try this! Your whole body goes into a huge sigh of relief!  Books are magic, what can I say!

The Daily Read
The Daily Read

Exploring new places, old favorites, off the beaten track roads, places with no roads at all can change your view of this wondrous planet we live on forever. Go forth and explore-food, places, ideas, LIFE! Don’t wait. Be extraordinary NOW!

Family adventures are bringing  families together. What was your top adventure of 2014?


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