Follow the Adventures of Mom on YouTube
Follow the Adventures of Mom on YouTube

Adventures of Mom on YouTube

Follow the Adventures firsthand via our YouTube Channel. The Adventures of Mom YouTube Channel is a great place to check out places you want to go. It’s been over a year up and running and the first videos are cringe-worthy, but with the help of our techno-savvy son and YouTube University tutorials (they are free!), we’ve come a long way.

Adventures of Mom YouTube Channel

These videos feature places and adventures (mainly in Georgia and Florida, but with other locations in the works)- like hiking Raven Cliffs Trail near Helen, Georgia and Florida Spring Hunting; City guides – like Crystal River, home to the Manatee, on Florida’s Nature Coast and Georgia Gold-Rush Dahlonega, and events, like the SpaceX Falcon Rocket Launch (very cool) and the Southeastern Livestock Pavillion Truck & Tractor Pull in Ocala, Florida.

The most popular video to date has been Helen, Georgia:

With Blue Springs in High Springs coming in second:

But my personal favorite is Crystal River:

With so much more- like St. Augustine, Hiking with Gators on Gainesville’s La Chua Trail, Crones Cradle Conserve, and Williston’s secret Japanese botanical garden!

Check them all out on the Adventures of Mom YouTube Channel.

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Let us know your video preference- written word tips or talking; music or not. All useful tips are welcome. This is a learning experience!

Have a super YouTube travel Channel? Let us know!

Thanks and have a great weekend!

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