Florida Spring Hunting
I confess, I have an obsession...Florida Spring Hunting

Florida Spring Hunting

Spring Hunting in Florida

I confess, I have a little obsession, fueled by my kayak and the ability to reach beautiful places I would never be able to go otherwise. Once content to hang in the roped off swimming areas, I now prefer losing the crowds in favor of drifting over those turquoise-blue yawning caverns under the water. I’m talking about hunting. Not the kind you need a permit purchased at Walmart for, but the kind that awakens your mind and grabs hold of your soul- spring hunting.

Florida Springs

The state of Florida is home to the largest number of natural springs in the world. There are a recorded 750 springs- but many are still hidden, or privately owned. A lot of the springs are in state parks or county parks and easily accessible. Others are harder to find. I made a run down of the springs we visited last year in my Spring Hunting 2016 post. And just the other I day I went by Silver Springs State Park to capture their beautiful springs for my Florida Spring Hunting video on YouTube. This is part one. I hope you enjoy it. I will be working on an extended version to include our Juniper Springs trip and a few others.

Saving Florida Springs

An exhibition in the Silver Springs Museum about our springs caught my attention. Photographers had captured various springs through the years in photos, and the transition from what they were to what they have become was truly eye-opening. Check out the Springs Eternal Project at the Silver Springs Museum (adjacent to the gift shop) or on their website for more information about Florida Springs and what we can do to protect them.

Spring hunting makes for a great family pastime.  It’s a sport and an adventure. Make a list, get a map and head outside.

What’s your favorite spring?

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