What type of adventurer are you?
Sun, sand and snoozing your thing? Adopt the flip-flop lifestyle.

What Kind of Adventurer Are You?

What kind of adventurer are you?

Spring Break is over (for us) and already my friends are asking what we will be doing this summer. They’ve told me of their plans for beach trips, rentals on a lake, family reunions. Some return to the same place year after year and love the way everyone knows them in the resorts, parks, and restaurants (my parents were like that). Others prefer to explore places completely different and the thrill of the foreign and unknown makes their vacation.  It seems as if everyone has a different plan. What are your plans? Have you made any? What type of vacation do you prefer? Heck, what type of Adventurer are you?

Here’s a round-up of adventure posts to provide some summer travel inspiration! What kind of adventures do you prefer? Camping or hotels? Full-service resorts or some place you can cook your own meals? A frugal holiday means less expensive adventures in state parks ( usually $2 per person or $8 a carload!) A splurge may include some train travel, whitewater rafting or zip lining or a theme park.

What type of adventurer are you?

Keeping It Clean: Theme Park Adventures

If staying clean is a top priority for you and your family (haha, NOT my kids!), a theme park may suit you. Roller coasters, rides & characters galore. Have young children? These places are stroller-friendly, saving you some backache. Rides and lines can stress them out (you too). Let them run on the play areas within the park to expel some energy. Staying in a hotel nearby? Consider leaving mid-day for an off-site meal and a swim in the pool (and maybe a nap), returning later for the parades & fireworks.

Take Me to the River: Fishing Life

If you have saltwater running through your veins and the smell of fish excites you, perhaps an angling adventure is a great choice for you. We often plan a beach trip so my husband can fish while we build sand castles and roll in the surf. Bring the sunscreen and use it liberally. If you can, fish early, explore and return later to fish, or rent a boat or join a charter.

Paddle On: Kayaking Fool

If fishing is too laid back, but you love the idea of a water adventure, why not try kayaking or canoeing? We’ve had family paddling trips, joined a guided tour and also my son and I faced Juniper Run, a wild twisting turning narrow river with rapids (not for beginners)! Kayaking is cool! (I am definitely a paddle fool!) Plan a day or an overnight adventure, or even just a few hours out to explore the wildlife.

Keep Swimming: Mermaid Adventures

Florida gets so hot in the summer that I could not imagine NOT swimming. If your kids swim like fish already, consider taking them out to explore our natural resources like springs and fish-filled coves and bays. Stay in a State Park or County Park, campsite or cabin and hit the local swimming holes. Don’t forget the snorkels & mask!

Indy, Watch out! Epic Adventures

If you are one of those adventurers who has an epic adventure in mind, plan ahead: flight tickets, train tickets. Combine adventures- like a train trip into Nantahala Gorge with whitewater rafting afterward. Check out cheap flights via google flights. And don’t forget to pack that Indian Jones hat while you’re at it 😉

Sun, Sand & Snoozing: Beach Bunny

If a week in the sun with a fruity drink and a sizzling romance, watching the kids build their own sandcastles, is more your style. Embrace the flipflop life and check out house rentals near the beach or a hotel with a view of the sea. And bring plenty of sunscreen and a sun umbrella!

Came, Saw, Conquered: Hiking Adventures

Prefer the wildlife to the wild life? If your idea of fun is climbing up mountains and stomping through swamps, a hiking trip may be more your speed. Bring packs and do an over-nighter (not on the gator-infested La Chua Trail, though!) Give the kids packs too and teach them wilderness survival. Don’t forget to pack some water (or a Lifestraw or two!) and bug spray!

If the Internet was a Library: Researcher

If you like to research everything about a place before you go, information is your thing. Check out these city guides:

Of course, you can be more than one type of adventurer and all rolled into one! Pick and choose, mix and match. Make your own adventure! And if you need even more ideas, check out these Spring Break Travel Idea posts:

So,  Indian Jones, mermaid, fisherman, paddle fool or beach bunny: what kind of adventurer are you?

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