Welcome to Suburbia, now please trim your grass

I have died and found myself in suburbia! We moved our little family following the holidays from our house in the middle of nowhere where the only night sounds were coyotes, the only lights the stars and moon in the heavens- to Wisteria Lane – the set of Desperate Housewives, where every beautiful house has a manicured lawn, manicured couples with manicured children. Yes, you guessed it, we are the most noisiest, conspicuous family in the entire neighborhood. It is eerie- most unsettling to know there are children in the houses around you but to never see them playing out in their yards- Saturdays seem the quietest- this is not natural!

 My husband changed jobs, thus plucking us out of our familiar territory to this…My children appear to have taken our move in stride, it only seems to be the dog and I who are having the most difficulty. The dog was used to running wild, barking at the coyotes and being king- uh Queen of our land. She now finds herself in a fenced in area- with doggie neighbors and barks at every car that passes the house. (Sure she used to do that at our old place- but cars only passed once a week if even that!). Myself, I feel out of sorts. It’s a beautiful house, but a rental, so a move is in the cards. I am hesitant to dive into life when I know I will be off to another city in a few months..

Planting season is upon us- the flowers are in bloom and I am itching for a veggie garden. This time of year we would be setting out the tomato and pepper plants, dropping the beans and cucumber seeds into holes. My daughter must have the same garden bug as me, because she demanded I get her some carrot seeds from the store (much like a child would demand candy), and she planted them in a pot outside the door.. they have already sprouted…I have always had that gardening urge. When I was little my mom grew vegetables in a small garden on the side of the house. Later I would be planting cucumbers and corn well into my teens. In Greece my garden expanded to celery, cabbage,  broccoli two goats and some chickens, and any “rentals” in-between would find the windows sporting plants- first an innocent flower or two- roses, violets, then would come the cilantro and basil in bigger pots by the doors and vegetables would  soon  follow suit.

Ironically enough, the patio table sports a pot of flowers and I just told my husband to grab some terracotta pots as they would be great for tomato plants…ah, suburban I am not. As bedtime nears, I’ll switch off the lights and sleep to the gentle glow of the street lamp that lights the bedroom and I’ll fall sleep to the soothing sounds of the police sirens in the distance- another accident, and the dog announcing yet another car passing the house..Good night!

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