Venice is Sinking-the Dubrovnik Dilema


Venice is under water- once again, this time deeper than before. Alas with global warming (or the tail end of the last ice age, I like to believe) and the glaciers melting, water levels rising, the jewel of Italy is destined for Atlantis status. Though this time of year, it is common for San Marco Square to be submerged- although the extent varies. I went to Venice one late chilly October with my sister, Susan, and was delighted to see trestle tables set up in San Marco Square. A market! I cried with such naivety. When the rains started that afternoon, and we followed the crowd up onto the trestle tables-( a makeshift seasonal boardwalk) into the Basilica, I then realised my error- and dismay, as the rain waters continued to rise.

I love Venice. I have been a few times- once in the height of summer (July) with La- and a merry search for a piccolo (small) carnival poster as a memento. A pigeon left me another memento on my head at Piazzo de San Marco. Supposedly lucky- but very nasty. The canals did not stink, as we were warned- but maybe we did not make it to the ones that did. Later came an autumn mini-cruise from Corfu with my sister, Susan. She needed a passport stamp, I was going stir crazy on the island. Venice was just the answer- neck cricking tour of the Doges Palace, tourist souvenirs at the Rialto Bridge, lunch at a small trattoria by a church. We searched for Harrys Bar, but there were so many other interesting sights to see, that it wasn’t at all missed when we had not found it. My other visit to Venice was a cold November day- a quick lunch, nip into a couple of shops and on the motor way towards Milan.

I am glad I experienced Venice. It is an extraordinary place- the architecture, the hidden art, the gilded gondolas- a photographer’s dream. I would go back in a heartbeat. My sister, Sandy visited me in Greece and I told her: take the ferry boat- go to Venice- it’s sinking, so it may not be around forever! She didn’t. Now I wonder if she feels as I did when I passed up the chance to take a ferry boat to Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia- back when there was a Yugoslavia and ferries went from Corfu to there. I went to Kassiopi on the North part of Corfu instead- ah, what a fool I was! I still kick myself over that one. Yugoslavia has ceased to exist as a single nation, Dubrovnik was bombed and the ferries from Corfu stopped running long ago. I hear Dubrovnik is still a beautiful place, but it will never be as it was prewar time. So thus I learned my Dubrovnik lesson- and I went to Venice. I skipped up to Nepal when in India- it’s so close! I made a detour to New Orleans when visiting a friend in Pensacola, Florida- it was too close to pass up. Do not pass on the opportunities. They may not roll around again. There may not be a tomorrow- so do it today!  Venice is sinking. It was once the heart of a great Empire, and is a crown jewel of all of Italy. Have you bought your plane ticket yet?

A belated Happy Thanksgiving to all friends and family!

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