When the fridge broke down
When the fridge broke down :(

Hey guys- sorry for today’s lack of post, but am facing a mini-crisis. Ever had your fridge give up the ghost? I came back from getting the kids and the house smelled like burnt plastic- like super bad- I finally realized it was coming from our fridge! So I unplugged the fridge, aired out the […]

Follow the Adventures of Mom on YouTube
Follow the Adventures of Mom on YouTube

The Adventures of Mom YouTube channel offers family friendly vacation ideas for Florida and Georgia. It’s been a year in the making and our first videos were cringe-worthy, but with the help of our tech-savvy son and YouTube University tutorials, we’ve come a long way.

Ultimate Outdoor Adventure Guide to High Springs, Florida
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Tucked away under the lush green canopy of North Central Florida hides a small old Florida town packed with high adventure. If you’re looking for roller coaster thrills and funnel cake amusements, this place is not for you. However, if you are in search of turquoise blue springs, tubing, paddling adventures and camping by a river, High Springs just may make your perfect escape.

Greek Easter in Corfu
original artwork by yours truly :)

Known as the best Easter celebrations in all of Greece, people flock from all over the world to celebrate Greece in Corfu, and for good reason. Whereas some cultures put an emphasis on Christmas, in Greece, it’s all about Easter. But forget about the plastic eggs filled with candy and the bunny who delivers gifts, the Greek Easter, the main Orthodox holiday, is all about family, food, community spirit, and the celebration of the resurrection of Christ.

Adventures at Florida's Blue Springs
Blue Springs Run joining the Santa Fe River

Along the Santa Fe River lies a little-known hidden gem: Blue Springs. I loaded up the brood to explore the turquoise springs under the North Central Florida canopy.

A definitive guide to Crystal River, Florida
Found one! You find manatees on land and in the water in Crystal River.

Crystal River, known as the winter haven for the West Indian Manatee floods with visitors during the November thru March months, with everyone vying for a spot to see a manatee. But what else is there to do in this sleepy fishing town on Florida’s Nature Coast? Check out this definitive guide to everything Crystal River.