Taking the Kids to a Truck & Tractor Pull? Read This First!


Truck & Tractor Pulls: A Family Fun Event

The arena filled with billowing black smoke as the deafening roar of the engines filled the air. They had airboats on hand to blow away the fumes, but we couldn’t even hear them. This was our first time at a Truck and Tractor Pull.

A tractor/truck pull is when a whole load of engine-modified farm tractors and trucks pull a heavy metal sled a measured distance. They break it down into different classes and the one who pulls the sled the farthest (in their class) wins. Sometimes their motors blow up (one did at the event we were at), others have their front wheels bounce off the ground because that metal sleigh is so dang heavy. Watch our video below to check that out. It’s loud- very loud and smokey and a whole lot of family fun.

As we were dishing out BBQ at this event, we got to spend both nights there among the hullabaloo. My husband has taken the kids to several monster truck rallies, but this was my first. Here are some things I noted that may help you if you are planning a family adventure.

Truck & Tractor Pull or a Monster Truck Rally? Read This First!
Taking your kids to a Truck & Tractor Pull or a Monster Truck Rally? Read This First!

Things You Should Know About A Truck & Tractor Pull

Thinking of taking your kids to a Monster Truck Rally or a Truck and Tractor Pull? Here is what to expect.

  1. At their opening ceremony, they will sing the national anthem. Everyone turns, faces the flag and holds their right hand or hat to their heart. It is American culture. Respect it.
  2. Dress for the weather. These events are outside, and you probably will be sitting in bleachers. I saw so many kids with chattering teeth that I wished I had blankets to pass around- though I did note some clever teenage girls had wrapped themselves in fuzzy blankets! If you have little kids, it is worth bringing blankets!
  3. It gets loud. Really loud. So many people came up to our food stand asking if we sold ear plugs (we didn’t and neither did anyone else!) My husband had brought a box of little ear plugs which we ended up giving to parents for their kids – but we ran out! Buy ear plugs beforehand. My husband found his at Northern Tool.
Foam ear plugs - a cheap alternative but hard to keep in kids ears!
Foam ear plugs – a cheap alternative but hard to keep in kids ears!

If your kids are like mine and continuously pull them out of their ears (they did it on an air-boat ride in South Florida), then consider buying them noise canceling ear muffs- not Dr. Dre kind, but the kind you can pick up in the tool section at Sears. They have children’s sizes as well!

Noise cancelling ear muffs- great for noisy truck rally events
Noise canceling ear muffs- usually found in man caves also come in kid sizes!

At this particular event, the announcer warned everyone before the totally deafening trucks came out as a courtesy to parents and older folks. They may not do that everywhere. So if your child freaks over loud noises, this kind of event is NOT for them.

  1. The arena fills with fumes. Not the barbecue smoking kind which I had to deal with, but the pure diesel kind. Even the firefighters covered their noses. Bring something to cover your nose with. They do blow it away quickly and the first day was worse than the second due to the wind, so every time will be different.
  2. Bring cash. Usually, they will NOT let you bring your own food and drink into these events (coolers prohibited) and you have to buy food from the event concessions. It is the norm for them to take cash only. We were the only place taking credit cards out of four places. ATM’s are not always available on site either, so bring cash!
  3. Don’t wait until the last minute to buy that food. Though we stayed open until the end, the boiled peanut guys sold out hours earlier. The year previously,  all of the food vendors ran out of food. Don’t leave it too late, especially if you have hungry kids!
  4. Also never ever leave going to the bathroom until the last minute. This one is for parents. Women’s toilet lines are notorious at events –all events. And if your child is hopping up and down because they have to pee- facing a twenty-deep line is not a pretty sight. Think ahead. Take toilet breaks- also is good for getting them to stretch their legs and have a little run around.

As always, carry a bucket load of patience and a good sense of humor and have fun.

Check out our video from the Truck and Tractor Pull-  clips courtesy of my husband and our kids.

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