Tropical Storm Headed Our Way

Morning guys! This is a quick missive, as I am rushing about, getting prepped for the tropical storm headed our way. The entire coast of Florida from Tampa to the panhandle is under the Tropical Storm watch. I’ve been filling up water jugs in case the electric goes out. No electric = no water pump (meaning no water!). We have bottle of waters stashed from our summer travels as I try to carry a case with us where ever we go to slash costs. Our afternoon mini-cane storms have been good prep for a big one (yeah, never drive in those, folks). But the Weather Channel says today’s winds might reach 75 or more mph, which is a heck of a lot of wind, so I am busy battening down the hatches and securing the chickens. Sorry ladies, but it is the hen house for you gals today.

Are you in the storm watch zone too? You might want to check out my Hurricane Prep for Families post. It contains some handy links as well.

Also check out Surviving Florida’s Severe Weather, as these storms tend to spawn these different forces of nature. Stay safe. Stay indoors and stay well away from fallen power lines!

Here’s the official website for the National Hurricane Center to track the storm nearest you. It shows the projected paths of the storms and the warnings for your area. It is a must for storm season!

Again. Be smart and stay safe!

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