Appreciate the little details of life, no matter how small.
Appreciate the little details of life, no matter how small.

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How To Live an Extraordinary Life: Tip #17


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Appreciate the little things in life…no matter how small.

We always get told to focus on ‘the big picture’ or look at the ‘whole’ matter, but that big picture is usually a mosaic of tiny little details, and sometimes it is easy to get swept up in the tidal wave and miss all those glittering little fish and bouncing seashells beneath the water.

A juicy peach looks great and tastes fantastic, but it took a tiny flower on a tree and the dance of an even smaller bee, some sun and also water to help create that single miraculous piece of fruit.  Ants drag pieces of food ten times their body weight back to their anthills. These miniscule bodybuilders receive no accolades for their incredible feats. Flocks of birds fly south each winter, many for the first time. They don’t have weather apps to check for their departure dates, but they know when to leave and when it is safe to return. Caterpillars spend their lives eating and then prep a cocoon for a long sleep to emerge as totally different creatures: butterflies.  Tiny miracles abound around us on a daily basis. By stopping and taking the time to appreciate the tiny details of life, we can more fully understand (and appreciate) that which makes up that bigger picture.


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