The Lemon Drop Girl (or Adventures in Bartending)


In honor of Labor Day, I am adding this labor-post of a recent solo adventure. I sometimes, not often, do the solo sojourns, like that Connie May Fowler writer’s retreat near St. Augustine. Okay, so I did go to that with my sister, Sandy, so technically I was not alone.  This past week I found myself wrangled into helping out at a bar, and I must admit, if it weren’t for the Lemon Drop Girl, I would have bombed completely.

lemon drop shot
A Labor Day Post

Some adventures you can not take your kids on, especially those that include the inside of a bar….It was odd being on the opposite side of a polished wooden bar, but enlightening. I’ve had my wild hey-day, pre-babies, but now only indulge in a beer here or a glass of wine there, so I was most un-prepared for the orders of White Russians,  Sex-on-the-beach (is that even a drink or a pass at the bartender?)Margaritas, and oh yes, Lemon Drops. The former rushed off in a huff, but the lovely latter lass patiently taught me how to make a Lemon Drop (It’s a shot, for the un-initiated, drunk in a single swallow, like eating those raw oysters in Apalachicola). Shot of vodka, dash of triple sec, sugared lemon crushed, shaken with ice and served with a slice of sugared lemon on the side- I didn’t try it myself, as I had to keep my head, but Lemon Drop Girl loved it.

Customers flowed in and out- cowboys in ten gallon hats, horse hands and jockeys. Daytime TV blared behind me – I’d always hated daytime shows, and traded in networks for the non-commercial NETFLIX a few years back, so I found the day time talk shows and live court dramas jarring and loud- I felt like an alien newly arrived to this planet, and was silently grateful when the daytime TV was switched to horse auctions. Phew! And as orders piled on, I silently wished I had paid more attention to that Cocktail movie with Tom Cruise- the one where he flipped the bottles through the  air with ease- one handed cocktails.. yeah, with me it was NOT going to happen without glass shattering somewhere! Sorry Folks!

Adventures in Bartending
A lemon drop shot

I can serve up a beer to a cowboy, pop a cork from a bottle of wine for a socialite, and now make a wicked lemon drop for a Pennsylvanian horse whisperer but the cocktail orders made me break out in a heavy sweat- heart palpitations, the whole sha-bang (I wished for a more sedate evening- like zip-ling …or riding roller coasters– backwards),

My bartending adventure soon ended and this temporary bartender shelved her metal shaker and cork screw and hung up her cowboy bartending hat to return to evenings spent with the family.

Happy Labor Day Folks!


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