Gamble Rogers State Park


Finally made it to the beach with the entire family, towels, sunblock and shovels and pails in tow. I directed my husband to Gamble Rogers State Park up A1A, and away from the congested Daytona/Ormond area and their notorious driving on the beach- which I suppose is great for the 16-21 year olds, but dangerous when you have little people to watch out for- they ran over two people their last year! What is it about having to drive on the beach anyway? If you have legs, use them- and can we say Beach Erosion? It doesn’t exactly help, does it?

Well, we passed a new little city beach park in Ormond complete with a new playground and toilets- to hit a beach I had frequented with my family in years past. It cost $4.00 for parking, but it was going to the state park service, and the place was CLEAN. My husband announced that we had forgotten the umbrella (I told him it would blow away anyway), but we secured a shady spot under the wheelchair ramp- which, of course the kids stayed out of the entire time, except under dire threats.

Sunblock slathered on the tender limbs, everyone ventured into the Atlantic Ocean- it was CCCCold! The undertow felt strong (but was mild, according to the park flag warning system in the parking lot). I kept an arm on Sydney the entire time- luckily she seemed more concerned about digging at the surf’s edge (ah, small blessings). Logan swam a doggie paddle under daddy’s watchful eyes and later chased crabs through the sand.

It was a beautiful day. My little girl did not throw a single tantrum the entire day (I will mark this day as a historic moment just for that!) When it was time to leave, we showered outside, changed in the toilets (I love this park just for that reason-amenities!) and headed home- both little ones drifting off to sleep before we left A1A.  We could see the forest fires from Volusia county rising like a smoke stack in the distance (these forest fires are ravaging this state and Georgia). As for me, I was happy we had our first day outing to the beach as a family. My own back was burning as being a mom, I was so busy keeping the kids covered with sunscreen, I forgot about me- ouch!

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