Spring has arrived, and with it, Daylight Savings Time! Have you set your clocks forward?
Spring has arrived, and with it, Daylight Savings Time! Have you set your clocks forward?

Surviving Day Light Savings Time

Coping with that one hour ahead time leap

“Spring Forward, Fall Back,” a lady I knew told me. It was a handy little ditty, so easy to remember, even though changing the clocks for Day Light Savings Times seems to always slip my mind. At least when I do remember, I know which way to turn that hour hand!

Luckily with these new fangled gadgets like smart phones, they magically jump to the appropriate time without a nudge from their clueless (me!) user, so half the time keepers in our house are forward, and the other half haven’t quite caught up with things.

So with this jump ahead, one hour, surely that meant we would be getting a hour’s extra sleep, right? Everytime I says this to a friend, they try to explain that we actually lose an hour- but that explanation appears whether it is Fall or Spring! Just where does that hour go and who gets it, is what I want to know! And is there an opt-out option? The whole Day light Savings Time thing just confuses me and I wake up exhausted, in bad need of coffee, whether I have jumped forward or fallen back. Either way, it has felt like I have robbed of that precious hour. And this spring time of year gets harder, especially coping with school aged children. Telling them they must go to bed when it is still light outside seems wrong to even myself! Even with blackout curtains to cover the windows, those slivers of light creep in: It’s daylight! Come out and play! They seem to call.

In honor of having to cope with this clock change, and in case you need a morning java jolt too, here is a handy iced coffee recipe to get your Monday morning rolling and your spring on. I like my coffee iced, but on these Daylight Savings Time  first mornings, I’ll take it anyway I can get it! Enjoy.

Coffee art
Coffee. Doesn’t matter how you say it, as long as you have that caffeine fix in hand!

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