September 11th: 13 years later

The 13th anniversary of September 11th Twin Towers tragedy has crept upon us, a cloud of doom and tears. People are  asking: “What were you doing on that day” (I was serving tables in a busy restaurant myself, and saw the events unfold on the hotel lobby widescreen television.) others are fearing something worse to come.

I do not tend to dwell on sad subjects, but that day will always remain etched onto my mind- the confusion, the terror, the disbelief and the onslaught of anger that followed- a tsunami of events that would change the shape of America forever.

But that year  I will always remember, although I did not know any of the 9/11 fallen, because my son was born exactly 9 months later. There was a boom of boys born then, and everyone around said that it meant there would be a war and these were replacements of the American  soldiers  that would be lost. Others, of the reincarnation-minded set, believed these babies were the actual replacement of souls lost in the  Twin Tower tragedy. Who can really say. I only know that from out of the ashes many a phoenix rose- a patriotism to unite, a conspiracy theory to question, and a generation of beautiful babies to remember.

September 11th replacement baby?
My son was born 9th months later

My sympathies to all who have lost someone near and dear in the September 11th twin tower tragedy 13 years ago. May your pain diminish and your memories of those loved ones stay sweet and cherished.

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