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Adventures of Mom Resource Page: Education

Living life is an education itself, but I must confess, I am an addicted learner. Here are some resources to help you and the kids take that life learning to the next level. Knowledge is power!


  • Want to start a new language but don’t know where to begin? Read this.
  • Already learning a second language and need a boost? Try this.


  • Are you interested in teaching your kids cooking? Begin with the basics here.
  • Do your kids know the basics of cooking? Kick it up a notch to the Intermediate level here.
  • Been there, done that and your child’s a natural talent in the kitchen? How about taking it beyond your kitchen to the Master Chef Level? Read about that here.


  • Here’s a list of 20 Book Series to fire your child’s imagination. . Kid Tested & approved!
  • Try our Daily Read pointers to help you and the kids er, read!


  • Check this out from tips on how to start meditating now!



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