One Minute Water Meditation
One Minute Water Meditation

One Minute Water Meditation

A New Look at New Year Resolutions

I don’t normally make New Year’s resolutions, in fact, last year I wrote a post about how I deliberately didn’t set myself up for the inevitable big fail come March. You know, when your well-intentioned new set of weights get lost in the bottom of the closet and that sparkling elliptical machine becomes a dusty place on which to hang the clothes. Been there. Done that. Never again. Hahaha! Wasn’t it James Bond who said: “Never say never?” Was it 007’s words or just the movie title? I’m not really sure. Either way, this year I am finally changing my stance.

New Year, New You and a New Outlook on Meditating

I recently did some research for some stories,  pertaining to the benefits of a minute of daily meditation– it was eye-opening, to say the least. Not only is it fantastic for keeping your calm (seriously, it did make me a calmer person), but it is fantastic for countless different reasons, like good health and better memory.

I love meditation, and at my high point practiced 20 minutes or more twice daily, but my old healthy habit slid into the back corner,  growing dusty and nearly forgotten. Other portions of my life got in the way, overshadowing my need or desire to take the time out to meditate, so when I learned of the power of just meditating for one minute, that old light sparked. Surely I could spare a minute here and there! So once again, I  stepped back into my meditating mom status- and began meditating- quick, one minute meditations to jump start my day.

In fact, I created this minute meditation just for you: a water meditation set to piano music. The video was shot during our last family bass fishing expedition. We didn’t catch any fish, but the day was so beautiful and the river so scenic that I had to take some of it home with me- on video! (Less smelly than fish, but we couldn’t eat it!)


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So this year I plan on meditating more- if even just for one minute a day. An old habit revised to fit a busy lifestyle.

One minute meditations- who’s game?

What areyour New Year’s Resolutions?

Check out the Waterfall Meditation (though it may make you want to pee!)

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