Nashville to Florida: The Long Ride Home Day Eight

It’s taken me so long to get back to our final day- and what was it- just a long day on the road! We ate yet another scrumptious breakfast at the Embassy Suites Hotel courtyard- and set off home. Believe me, the breakfast staff was happy to see the back of me, they knew I was the one draining the hazelnut creamer from the machine (can we say 5 coffees!!!) Must remember to get some from the store at home- good stuff.

We were supposed to meet up with Paul outside of Tennessee. He was working at the University of the South in Suwannee. It was an hour south, on our way out, then hang a right and up a mountain- Wow! We drove around the campus, the buildings of grey stones looking like Hogwarts in the middle of nowhere on a mountain top. I wished I had known of such places when I was younger- It made me want to go to school again. It was so serene- someplace I would want to send my own kids with the knowledge they would be studying more, not partying- they might not be to happy about that though! Anyhow, got lost somehow and couldn’t find Paul, so we headed back down the mountain and back on to the road towards Chattanooga, passing all of the red barns emblazoned with SEE ROCK CITY.

Had lunch of pork and beans in a southern style roadside dinner outside of Chattanooga and continued onto I-75 and Georgia. The kids did surprising well on the long drive. I waited until after we crept through Atlanta (bad traffic) to present them with new Crayola WonderColor books (I love these now). Stopped by a pecan farm. Randal checked out the nuts & honey and I let Sydney run wild through the pecan trees. She was unstoppable!

The rest of the trip was a blur of roadworks and construction. Ate dinner outside of Valdosta and didn’t reach home until 11pm. All the kids were asleep. Put them in their respective beds and hit the sack. It was a fabulous trip, but the ride home was far too long. Unfortunately, have a doctor’s appointment for kids tomorrow, so had no choice. Next time I’d stop in Georgia (or Chattanooga) on the way back and split it into two days.

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