I know nothing about country music, and aside from the crossover singers (ie Shania Twain), I don’t even like it! But here we were in Nashville, home of Country Music, where alot of the singers were discovered in dingy bars downtown.

Breakfast was an elaborate affair- made to order omelettes, pancakes, bacon, grits, the works- and my hazelnut coffee creamer on tap! (they must have known I was coming!) I think I managed atleast three coffees that morning for a jittery energetic start. We ate breakfast, and Paul, another one of Randal’s old Opryland friends came over, then we headed downtown to walk where Faith Hill, Tim McGraw and the rest of them walked the walk. Hard Rock Cafe in Nashville is chock a block with country memorabilia-, none that meant anything to me, except the dress that leopard dress that Dolly Parton wore- a size 0 by the looks of it- was she really that tiny? We stopped by BB Kings and checked out the life-sized horses attached to the ceiling at the Wild Horse Saloon (there was line dancing going on in there, which Sydney wanted to join!) Strapped back into her stroller, we continued on our tour, past Cadillac Ranch and up by the bars where the stars had been discovered. In a way, it reminded me of Soho in London, slow in the daytime, but Paul assured us the nightlife was when it all happened, but having kids, the nightlife was not on our agenda. After lunch in a pub- really! we loaded up and headed to the Parthenon.

I had read about the life-sized replica of the Greek Parthenon in Nashville from the hotel tour book. Randal said he had never heard of it, his friend from the day before had said it must be new-(It was built in the 1800’s!!!) Also it was in a park, and I decided the kids needed a run- Sydney was getting antsy. This Parthenon you could actually go inside- unlike the Greek one on the Acropolis, which has been under renovation forever- and I highly doubt anyone, aside from the renovators will ever be allowed to set foot in it again. Inside here- there is a huge gold statue of the warrior goddess Athena, and also some relics (from Athens-hmmm). We explored the inside, the kids clambered around the pillars and up the steps and then we took them down to the duck pond where Sydney chased the pigeons. It was hot, everyone was sweaty. We returned to the hotel to take a dip in the indoor pool. BRRRRR can you say CCCOLD?

After our swim, Randal and his friend had abandoned us for the bar by then, we ate dinner at Moe’s, a Turkish? burger joint nearby. Then we returned to the hotel, Randal to reminisce with his friends in the front room of our suite, and me watching cartoons with the kids in the bedroom- we all fell asleep!~

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