When the fridge broke down
When the fridge broke down :(

My Fridge Broke Down

Hey guys- sorry for today’s lack of post, but am facing a mini-crisis. Ever had your fridge give up the ghost? I came back from getting the kids and the house smelled like burnt plastic- like super bad- I finally realized it was coming from our fridge! So I unplugged the fridge, aired out the house, but only found out this morning that despite all the packaging, everything in the fridge & freezer became contaminated by these toxic plastic fumes! I can’t get rid of it! So today is the first day of a new day- time to throw everything out completely.  🙁

So – first step- find a replacement fridge! Then fill it, though that may take some time lol. But maybe it’s a sign for us to reset to healthier eating. Maybe we should go Paleo! Or not lol – I can hear everyone groan.

Have you ever had your fridge burn up?

Do you have a favorite fridge brand? (It’s been years since I bought one, so I haven’t a clue where to start!)

Drop a comment in the box below!

Now I gotta run- but it won’t be after my old fridge. I have a big mess to clean up.

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