Mom’s Night Out (the movie)

As a mom, I have been told that a night hanging with other moms- without the kids is essential to the soul.  My friend, Nicole, the glue of our mom’s group when the kids were younger, would organize beautiful Mom’s Night Out events: or MNOs, as they are called to us insiders. Dinners here, Comedy Clubs there- I know this because I read about them, but to be totally honest, I  only attended a single mom-night-out gathering ( an Olive Garden dinner), where I passed on the wine and fretted about the kids the entire time.

Those girlie nights with Moms Gone Wild are probably just in our husband/partners’ imaginations-(er atleast for me.) – truth be known, even on the “date nights” with dear husband, I check my phone for emergency calls once too often. Alas, I can’t truly relax unless I know the kids are in bed in the next room or in my vicinity. (Sigh) I am truly a mom’s night out failure! Think I may have to stick to our star gazing family nights outside by the fire- I keep the marshmallows on hand.
The adventures of mom: I find it hard to leave them behind…

When I spotted the movie: Mom’s Night Out at our local Redbox (I love Redbox!) I was looking for a light comedy, so I checked it out. With popcorn in hand, our family hunkered down to check out this new movie, and I was tickled pink that the main character played by Sarah Drew, was a mommy blogger, lost and overwhelmed by motherhood, like me!

The beginning of the movie drags a bit- quite a bit, with too much introspection (seriously, with young kids, no one has time for that!) and too real to life (read: depressingly accurate) kid mishaps – my husband snorted at the child drawing on the walls: “Our kids were never like that.”

I merely smiled my serene Mona Lisa smile, thinking,: that is why God created Magic Erasers!

Anyhow, once their actual night out ensued, the movie had us all howling with laughter. This was worth the trip to Redbox. So check the movie out for your own MNI (Mom’s night in- with or without the kids.)

Sunset from Just the Cook
Sunset at Panama City: One memorable night out-but with the kids!
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