Merry Christmas!

The Adventures of mom-

Had a weird and long Christmas, an early train ride through the woods, visiting both my and my husband’s moms and feeding the Club 4-H pig (our annual Christmas Tradition!)

As a pressie for all 5 of my readers- haha, I would like to share some of my fave websites that keep this adventurous mom sane through the crazy days and nights. (These are NOT affiliate links, just a bit of share-love!)

My kids say I don’t play enough games (they are referring to my smart phone which they try to slip from me- hmm, wonder why I don’t keep MineCraft  on there- really? But I do play! (I argue) Luminosity and Elevate have become my favorites- they only let you play 3 of their brain training games a day-(unless u make the in-app purchases) but that is fine by me, three is plenty. I love word games  in Elevate but wasn’t too keen when they added the math- not my favorite subject- they let u switch game choice now, probably because other people weren’t too keen on the math either!)

DUOlingo remains my favorite. I’ve been brushing up on French for quite a while, but added Italian (LOVE!) and Spanish- even tried Gaelic briefly- not my forte obviously! I love linguistics and follow blogger Benny the Linguist through his language learning tips/antics/helpful links. Thanks Benny!

I’ve been meditating for over a year now and have the Omvana app. They give lots of freebies for guided meditations (Bob Proctor is a fave of mine), as are the Ocean Waves. U can mix voice-guided with background ambiance, or just use one or the other alone.   You can check out Elevate, Luminosity, Duolingo & Omvana in your smartphone app store too)

Have been following some of my old favorite bloggers and some new, here’s the round up! Check them out! And have an awesome week!

French Word A Day: Blogger  Kristen Espinasse has been dishing up about life in France on her farm (Vineyard) for years, complete with French lesson & nice photos.

Candice Does the World: Newfoundlander and world traveler, Candice Walsh on her adventures.

Art of Non-Conformity author and world traveler Chris Guillebeau loves to share stories of other life adventurers to give us hope.

Madator U– just for the travel stories!







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