Meditation and the Modern Mom

I have to tell you the truth about being a modern mom and meditating. Your husband will tease you, your kids will think you are a bit daft and your friends- well, let’s just say if you casually let it drop in a conversation, a long uncomfortable silence will follow, as if you just confessed to being a shop-lifter or closet cross-dresser.

What IS the deal, folks?  Mediating has become as mainstream as Doctor Who these days. Everyone knows the TARDIS, right? So why that awkwardness about being a mom and meditating? I dealt with these very issues when I was breastfeeding too- something so natural being an incredibly painful and awkward subject for others- even resulting in hostility, to deal with, so I kind of had that been- there- done-that attitude against the nay-sayers.

Jerry Seinfeld came out and said he meditated and it helped him be a better dad. Time magazine wrote that doctors are prescribing it to help with healing. Honestly, this practice has been around for ages, and not confined to the Eastern World. I started my journey into meditating a couple of years back, but after seeing the effects now, wished I had begun years ago.

Meditating and the Modern Mom
The Modern Meditating Mom

Meditating is actually simple, once you learn how. It is the process of quieting your mind, and if you are like me and racing around like a chicken with its’ head cut off, this is incredible. I used to do the stare at a candle meditation- or a rock. Then it was focus on the breath. Now I prefer some ambience, like ocean waves, a bubbling stream or soothing piano (I love piano).

I mentioned in December that I have the Omvanna App on my phone (and no, I am NOT an affiliate), I just love the app. There are others out there when you do a search for meditation, so explore the options. But the one I use has 3 minutes, 16 minutes and up to 45 minute guided meditations, because all days are NOT created equal with early school runs or late pick ups or library drop offs- whew, I try to fit just a quiet mediation in daily.

Canaveral National Seashore
Ocean waves make good meditation ambience

And YES, it does work- my turning point came when the gas company forgot their delivery and scheduled a week later (and our gas was running on empty). And I did not lose my cool or snap at the girl on the line, or let slip a snide remark or even think about it- It felt amazing. LOVE IT! Yes, meditating makes me a better, healthier mom, heck, I am probably the quintessential modern meditating mom! Now if I could only get the kids to do it….

Things You Should Know Before You…Meditate

1. Set some time alone- even if it’s 3 minutes. Early morning and before bed seem to work best for me. Start with one minute, then work up to 3, 5 & 10 or more if you can. (please make sure your kids are safe while doing this!)

2. Set a timer in case you fall asleep- I do (fall asleep, I mean!)

3. You can focus on a single point- I started with a candle flame like they do in the Wii Fit. Or close your eyes.

4. Breathe and focus on your breaths- slow, deep breaths.

The time passes quickly!

Do you mediate?

Meditating outdoors is awesome!
I had a quiet early morning meditation session on this riverbank in Helen, GA this past summer.


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