Making short YouTube Videos
On Making Short Adventures of Mom YouTube Videos (my son took this photo, not a selfie-stick!)

Making Short YouTube Videos


Making Really Short YouTube Videos

If you’ve been following this blog lately-( come on, I know that there are a few of you out there & if you want to, just click the email icon at the top of the page to follow), you may have noticed the short videos that I have begun posting. This is not only my new passion- making short videos is actually fun (and time-consuming), but it also gets all those photos off my phone in one swoop, thus freeing up that last straggling gigabyte for a ProBlogger podcast (I listen when I’m gardening or washing dishes or treadmill walking) or those language lessons on DuoLingo (Yes, they have Russian now- woohoo!)

With my darling super smart son’s help and guidance and the iMovie app that came with my phone (it’s only $4.99 in the iTunes store), I ventured into the YouTube zone. It has been a slow and rocky start, and the first movie I did “On the River,” shows it. I started an actual YouTube channel: Adventures of Mom (check it out & subscribe!). The idea (besides compiling all those photos and short video clips) was to give fellow moms and other family adventurers a very quick peek into places to go (extremely quick). We all are short on time, especially when you are juggling keeping an eye on kids, laundry, cooking, work, cleaning, and don’t have time or patience for anything over a couple of minutes (okay, maybe that’s just me!), and besides, my archaic computer doesn’t like loading anything over a minute anyway- I swear that hamster in the wheel inside of it is running slower and slower- might be this summer heat. Anyhow,  I’ve been attempting to keep these short YouTube videos to around a minute. There’s usually a minute to spare somewhere, right?  I hear laughing out there! And I’ve started adding a few captions to let you know what each place has to offer, like kayak rentals and spring swimming. The videos are set to music- so you can always turn the sound off if the kids are napping. I haven’t quite gotten the courage yet to speak in front of a camera- call me camera shy (I still haven’t bought a selfie-stick, so I am WAY behind the times, or so my kids tell me!)But maybe in the future? These YouTube videos are created solely on my phone- from the initial pictures and clips to the words and straight down to the actual YouTube video- editing and music. Amazing what phones can do these days, right?

Check them out. If you any ideas for improvement & future videos and selfie-stick recommendations  drop me a line in the comment box below. I’m a newbie in this YouTube & video field,  and am still trying to figure it all out (so bear with me), it is a learning process.

These iMovie videos are a great way to compile your own summer vacation pictures too- just download the finished video onto your computer instead of YouTube. Get the kids involved in movie-making this summer! Heck, if this techno-savvy challenged mom can do it, so can you!

Adventures of Mom Really Short Videos:

And for those garden-to-table epicureans, I also did a Fresh Food Film

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