Kala Paska-Greek Easter Remembered

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Kala Paska, or Happy Easter! It is that time of year for religious thoughts,  or egg hunts, as the case may be. I was recently asked about what Easter traditions I participated in, after having spent a decade in Greece, where Easter is the most important holiday of the year, well, I can not really start telling my kids about a rabbit that hides eggs with candy for them to find… Yes, of course the kids went on an Easter egg hunt with our local playgroup, and sugared themselves up for the rest of the day until I could confiscate the candy and eat it myself! But they knew it was mom hiding the eggs.

Today is Easter Saturday. I am prepping a feast of Greek proportions (Seafood kebabs, of course),  grilled shrimp, feta laden greek salad (the real kind- with NO potato salad!), hummus, tsaziki, grilled pita bread,  grilled potatoes, pepper and onions- mmmm- did I mention the feta? My sister is coming over later to help us consume it. In Corfu I can imagine my friend Paula preparing something similar- feast sized, canapes, all original and yummy, as she and her brother host a Easter party every year. They live in a lovely flat overlooking the plateria- main town square, now adorned with the pink blossoms of the surrounding judas trees. In the square tonight the people will gather and the Pappas will light a candle and begin his sermon- they turn off the street lights and everyone has a candle- originally they lighted it from the Pappa’s candle, but now everyone has their own lighters. At midnight, he will say “Christos Anesti”, or Christ Arises, and the fireworks will go off above, and the cross uptop the old fortress will light up. And then the parties begin… Really, now how can the Easter Bunny compete with that?

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