Island Hunting


A giant blank canvas has sat in the living room for months now, staring accusingly as I’ve coated smaller pieces with ease and deft hand- Italy, Rhodes, a beach scene, while the bigger white space sits and glares- it really does glare, you know. Truth be known, I’ve been staring at the canvas on a daily basis- can’t miss it, sometimes bump into it, and wondering what on earth I will paint on it. It’s just so daunting!

I did mention I was an artist, right?
I did mention I was an artist, right?

And then my son woke up early one morning and said: “Mom, I want to buy an island.”

Okay, so I laughed, but hopefully in that joyous, you can do what ever your heart desires-way of laughing. Some kids want Nintendo games, others Minecraft mods, and mine wants an island! Even though I can feel my uber-sensible husband’s eyes rolling, I say, “What a great idea!” (You have to foster these dreams.) One of his heroes is Richard Branson, and if Branson can own an island, why not my own child? So we did an on-line search islands for sale.

Wow, can you say eye-opening! Everything from rocks in Greece (though due to current political climate, I would hesitate investing over there- sorry guys), to swampland in Florida, windswept blustery beaches in Canada to a shack on some sand near Nicaragua.  seemed the best site for our search. Together we found an island with foliage and rocks (his requests), sandy beaches and clean surrounding water in the Caribbean. Young’s Island, it was called, and a bargain at only 10 million dollars. I could picture my own little beach hut studio, my husband fishing from a dug out canoe…my son’s dream had taken form- on me! I was ready to pack our bags, ditch my shoes and embrace a salty sarong draped barefoot lifestyle… woohoo, my family bought an island- I could see the movie now….10 million, what was 10 million after all…. Now to play the lottery……

“Too close to mainland,” my son finally announced. Images and images of clear fresh water and blinding white sand, blustery palms and brilliant azure skies burnt into my irises during our intensive web search.

“Oh, okay.” I shut down the computer, off he went and I was left alone, facing that giant canvas……hmmm


Island colors everywhere I look
Island colors everywhere I look- backyard garden box
Dogwood in bloom
I may not be living on an island yet, but the dogwoods in my garden let me think I am
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