Hurricane Matthew Strikes Florida

Hurricane Matthew Strikes Florida

Outside sounds like the ocean- a rough sea of waves crashing onto the beach, only we are nowhere near the sea, and the sounds are coming from the wind. Gusts of wind sweep in around to flatten the tree tops and race out again like naughty school children- teasing, taunting. The front door just blew open, our only visitor the tail winds of Hurricane Matthew. I bolt it shut.

I ran out yesterday to get hurricane supplies (yeah, never leave it to the last minute). You can check out those photos & news video links on my Adventures of Mom Facebook page.  All day I received constant hurricane updates from my Weather Channel app. Gas stations had lines out to the streets, bottled water sold out, and the traffic was horrendous as people from the east coast headed our way to seek shelter in the hotels. One of my IG followers said that the Cuban bakeries in Miami were sold out of pastries and croquettes. Farther north the shelves ran bare of:

  • Bottled water
  • Ramen Noodles (lots of Ramen noodles)
  • Bread
  • Soup
  • Tinned tuna
  • 5 gallon jugs of wine

(The Ramen noodles have only a 3 minute cook time. Angel hair pasta also has a similar quick-cooking time, but unless it’s on sale, the noodles are the cheapest option.)

I always wanted to live by the ocean, but today I don’t. Hurricane Matthew touched down early this morning as a Category 4 hurricane at Cape Canaveral/Melbourne area and as I write this, it continues to wreck havoc along the east coast of Florida. I saw photos on Facebook of Daytona’s Speedway flooded and a news report of 20 people stuck in a bay front hotel in St. Augustine. Ocean waves are crashing through the streets of Jacksonville at this moment. 500,000 people are without electricity.

Hurricanes are classified as Category 4 when their winds reach 130-156 mph. Once they reach the Cat 4 listing, they are considered major storms that will cause catastrophic damage. (They only have 5 Categories for hurricanes). Florida Governor Rick Scott declared a State of Emergency on Wednesday and began evacuating barrier islands and coastal areas. Some were mandatory evacuations, others not. The national guard were called in to aid in the evacuations. Yesterday convoys of bucket-trucks rolled through town- the electric companies calling in their employees- ready on stand-by before the hurricane even hit. Schools closed. Walt Disney World closed their theme parks  in anticipation of Hurricane Matthew. They have only done this four times ever! (They are reopening Saturday). Waffle Houses in the storm areas even closed. Government offices and local business shut their doors and sent everyone home. Thank you guys. Finally. There are companies and businesses that are caring more about people than profits. Kudos to you!

Hurricane Matthew should be easing out of Florida and up to Georgia and South Carolina soon. Curfews are being imposed in the evacuation zones to prevent looting. Do evacuate the coastal areas and stay safe.  According to the stats from the National Hurricane Center, Hurricane Matthew is destined to ride the coast and then circle back around for another strike at our sunshine state.  Yeah, this is Florida. It’s what we do. Take care guys & be safe!

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