Healthy Eaters

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my chief veggie gatherer
my chief veggie gatherer

Despite all of my misguided ill intentions, my children seem to be on a path of healthy eating, most profoundly noted this morning when my daughter (she who can inhale a bag of Cheetos in one sitting if I let her),  pushed aside the box of chocolate covered doughnuts onthe breakfast table and asked for a fried egg. Yes, shock indeed, as she had done it Saturday morning as well in lieu of a mango! I have noted this phenomenon going on quite a while as the last box of doughnuts, purchased months ago, ended up in the trash, half eaten and stale. What possesses me to buy these things in the first place? Perhaps I need tips from my kids! Maybe I am the one swayed by ICarly, The Suite Life  and the commercials wrapped around them?

My daughter has been on a fried egg kick for quite sometime. She likes the egg bursting and the yolk running around the plate so she can chase it with her toast. I suspect she likes the fact that SHE is the one who gets to collect the eggs from the chicken pen, fresh and still warm!

Since our incubator is full of quail eggs (and three chicken eggs just for curiosity), we have been collecting the daily 5 quail eggs for food as well. They resemble something you would feed a Barbie doll, cute and tiny. Unfortunately you need quite a few to fill an empty stomach! I haven’t quite worked out how many I would need in lieu of a chicken egg. Stay tuned! But as our babies are due to begin hatching this week, spaces in the incubator should be opening….I may stick with the chicken eggs in the cake recipes for now.

Aside from eggs, the garden is once again flourishing- our own Eden rising, and I often find my chief picker nibbling on the snow peas like a rabbit. Both children race to be the first for a ripe strawberry (yes, tears often ensue). The carrots are checked daily by eager hands, and I seriously wonder if any of our veggies or fruits will make it to the kitchen, let alone the dinner table at all! Perhaps that was the real reason I had so many black eyed peas last year! Anyhow, how can I really complain when this world around us is influencing my kid’s eating habits?

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