Happy Valentine’s Day! How To Say I Love You around the World

Happy Valentine’s Day!  One of my most favorite things to collect (always fits in my pack), are languages. They are cheap, can be easily stashed and stored, taking up no space whatsoever.

In Nepal I vowed to learn a word a day and actually had a conversation at the bus station (okay, perhaps it was BAD Newari, but I did try!) Sliding through India, ordering bread and water came in Hindi came in handy, and in Greece learning to spell Woman (Yanneka) in Greek saved an embarrassing moment at a bus depot. We were rescued in Italy from thirst by remembering Aquaduct- aqua=water, right? And French in Quebec garnered us some pretty good food and the loo when in dire need at the train station.

Languages have always proved essential, and a good phrase to start with is: I love you (well that and one beer please).  So in honor of the great cupid-Eros-red hearts day, I’m passing on those two useful phrases. If the I love you doesn’t come with the desired outcome, just move onto the handy “one beer please” phrase*

French:            “Je t’aime”                    une biere, s’il vous plait

Italian:               “Ti amo”                         una birra, per favore

German: “Ich liebe dich”                    ein bier, bitte

Spanish:    “Te amo”                                una cerveza, por favor

Greek:  “S’agapur poli                              mia bira, parakalo

Swedish:  “Jag alskar dig”                   en ol, tack

Finnish: “Mina rakastan sinua”           yksi olut kiitos

Gaelic    “Graim thu”                    beoir amhain le do thoil

Norwegian:  “Jeg elsker deg”           en ol kan du

Polish:            “Kochen ciebe”         jedno piwo, prosze

Dutch:           “Ik hou van jou”           Een biertje, alstublieft

Czech:            “Miluji te”                    Jedno pivo prosim

For more romantic-speak in Italian try here.

For a bit of French word Love, try here.

A bit of German word Love try here.

For more beer phrases, visit the local watering hole of your choice!

For a bit of other lingo, try Benny at Fluent in 3 months here (not an affiliate link). I’ve been following his blog for a while now and am tackling multiple languages because of it!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Puppy Love
Puppy Love. Happy Valentines Day!


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