Happy Independence Day

Celebrating the 4th of July

Today is the day that families and friends get together to celebrate the historic events that started this nation: when the colonists of America finally said: enough of the tyrannical rule by British King George, enough of being taxed to death( the taxes collected were not being kept in the colonies, but being sent back across to King George.)  It is the day to celebrate the freedom of the United States of America, and the signing of the Declaration of Independence by the founding fathers of this country.

Celebrating the 4th of July
Celebrating Independence Day

Oddly enough, many Americans don’t know why they are celebrating Independence Day, as seen here on Mark Dice’s YouTube video interview in California. Barbeque, beer and fireworks aside, what does Independence Day mean to you? Fifth Graders in Florida learn about the American Revolution in History, and 7th Graders tackle the United States Constitution and Bill of rights in their Civics class. (My own lessons were in 8th grade, way back when). If you prefer not to browse your child’s text books, and like the Hollywood glitter on the subject, the TURN series on AMC is a place to start, with revolutionary spies, redcoat loyalists and more, but please remember, it IS Hollywood! Also the movie ” The Patriot,” tells the story of fictional farmer Benjamin Martin.  It appears to be loosely related (that is our family opinion on the subject!) to the true tales of Francis Marion, aka, “the Swamp Fox.” Francis Marion was the guy who got the farmers to use unorthodox fighting methods against the redcoats, like shooting from the trees. It was these unusual and sneaky (sneaky as a fox!) methods that won the war. Again, this is the Hollywood, so keep that in mind.

The American Revolution is my fave historical period in United States History (yes, I am THAT kinda nerdy mom!): the time of greats like Sam Adams, Paul Revere (Lexington to Concord rider), Patrick Henry (Give me liberty or give me death!), John Hancock (whose signature filled the largest part of the Declaration of Independence so that King George would see it clearly!) Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and of course, General George Washington.

So enjoy the burgers, barbeque and fireworks, but remember what sacrifices were made and lives lost, in making this country, the United States of America, known from the Star Spangled Banner song as the “Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.”

Happy Independence Day!


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