No New Years Resolutions
Why my New Years Resolutions are a thing of the past

Giving Up on New Years Resolutions

Why I’m no longer obsessed making New Years Resolutions and you shouldn’t be either


I want to know just who created that crazy torturous idea of making New Years resolutions. I suspect the guilty party may have been an owner in the health and fitness industry, because all around me, friends and family start off with good intentions of walking a mile every day, working out at their local gym, or eating only pure, natural foods, and two weeks into January they are back to sitting down in front of their computer or  resorting to convenience food between their son’s football practice and daughter’s ballet lesson. All thoughts of that New Years resolution forgotten in the face of reality.  Sure it starts out as a good intention, but let’s face it- a mile a day? Sometimes I’m lucky if I can fit the time in to walk to the mail box!

This entire New Years resolution idea is what Mindvalley founder and entrepreneur Vishen Lakhiani would call a “brule” or bull**rule. I like his terminology, which I learned in his Consciousness Engineering Webinar (and no, I’m not an affiliate for Mindvalley, just a fan).  According to him, a “brule” is an idea/custom that is created by someone to put us in our place- by someone else’s design, not our own. So with that in mind, I stopped making those resolutions that were doomed to fail, or even doing anything other than a quick Year of Adventures Review post. Believe it or not, I do my personal year review in August, on my birthday and decide then the good, the bad and the ugly. That is my choice, not the brule-makers. This frees me up to actually enjoy my New Years Eve. We did a bonfire this year and plan on camping out next year. I also am free to enjoy what short time I have with the kids before they head back to school. Then throughout the year I might add ” life improvements” like our Daily Read and those life-saving Sunset Hikes.

So instead of obsessing about what you should be doing at the start of each year, why not accept it, celebrate it and enjoy your loved ones company. You can always work on improving your life after the hullaballoo of the New Year dies down, and those gyms are empty again.

What’s your take on New Years Resolutions?

Vishen’s  Consciousness Engineering book is due for public release this spring, but if you need some more life inspiration, check out these posts:



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