Exploring Helen, Georgia (new video)


Exploring Helen, Georgia

During our north Georgia wanderings, we did manage to swing by Helen, and our favorite tubing run. Also called Alpine Helen, this former logging town resembles a German Bavarian village nestled in the mountains. It’s cute. It’s kitschy. And it’s a popular tourist destination during the summer and in the autumn when the leaves turn crimson and gold and the beer flows freely during their Oktoberfest. We arrived after the Independence Day mayhem, so it was quiet, everyone floating the Chattahoochee and generally chilling out. You can check out the new Adventures of Mom in Alpine Helen YouTube video.


Tubing in Helen

There are many places to go river tubing in the southeastern United States, and Helen is our family favorite. We’ve been riding the ‘Hooch’ (Chattahoochee River) since our youngest was three. The river is cold, but the tubes have bottoms, which is great for little kids. The Chattahoochee winds through the town of Helen, under bridges and past hotels and restaurants. And it rolls over numerous rapids and even a small waterfall of two. It makes for a great family adventure. There are two main tubing companies- though you can always DIY it. We have always used the pink tube company – it stems back to our then three-year old’s princess phase, and we never seemed to sway out of it. Helen Tubing Company (the pink tubes) upped their prices from $3 to $5 for the 2-3 hour river run and shuttle back. Still a good deal. They also have a water park for additional fees. Cool River Tubing  (green tubes) is $8 now (river run & shuttle back) with a $12 all day use option. They run a zip line and aerial obstacle course for additional fees. Check out their websites and decide for yourself.

Helen has a lot to offer. Besides tubing, there are nearby hiking trails, like Dukes Creek Falls and Raven Cliffs Trail. Also nearby is Unicoi State Park and Anna Ruby Falls (inside the park).

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