Earthquake Tragedy in Nepal


7.8 Earthquake Hits Nepal

I have been thinking for a long while how to say something about this tragedy- I was gob smacked at hearing that the 7.8 earthquake basically leveled Nepal. Having been there years ago, it was an amazing place, but the majority of the villages in the  Himalayan country were built on mountainsides or nestled into valleys. There were no trains, because of the mountains, and even the smallest rockslide could wipe out a road. A precariously perched nation. The buildings in Chitwan, one of the places where we stayed,  were made of mud and straw, rebuilt yearly after the rainy season. They are a strong people, but they struggled, even in their best of times.

And now over 6,000+ people are reported dead- the whole village of Langtang wiped out.  I imagine Namache Bazaar has suffered a similar fate. I am keeping tabs on it through my friend in India, and various news website, though they may never fully have a death count because of the geographical conditions.

A local group of girls are cooking and distributing water. Read more: Unatti Foundation in Nepal. A tiny beacon of light amidst tragedy.

It will take years and much support to get Nepal back on it’s feet, but unfortunately, there can never be a full recovery from something so devastating.

We are sending prayers and deepest sympathies to all of those in Nepal. #prayersforNepal

 Kathmandu, Nepal
Kathmandu- pre-earthquake- the temples are now reduced to rubble
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