Early Christmas Present- Falling for Her Captor by Elisabeth Hobbes

I won a contest- woohoo! <happy dance> It doesn’t happen often. Years ago, I won a pair of NYD Jeans (Not Your Daughter’s Jeans) from an Oprah Winfrey Contest online. There must have been 100 prizes and I dutifully filled out every single form, even for the most obscure- but the expensive pair of jeans came as a surprise. I also once won a free lipstick from Parenting magazine as well. Now if only I would hit the lottery….

I won a contest!
I won a book giveaway: Elisabeth Hobbes: Falling for Her Captor

However, recently romance author Elisabeth Hobbes hosted a book giveaway on her website. Comment on her post of who would make the perfect hero and get the chance to win her new novel, a Harlequin Historical: Falling for Her Captor. I did and was shocked when the author contacted me to say I won her book. Woo hoo! Happy dance! I love to read, have a good excuse to do a happy dance, love romance and still participate in our family Daily Read, so this contest win was fantastic. The book arrived from the U.K. yesterday- personally inscribed by Elisabeth Hobbes herself.

My contest prize!
My contest prize arrived in the mail yesterday.

You can check out Falling for Her Captor by Elisabeth Hobbes here (not an affiliate link, dear readers, within my posts).

Lesson learned:  keep posting those comments, and entering those giveaways and perhaps even you can enjoy a pair of jeans, a free lipstick or even a book.


And now what I’ll be doing:

What I am doing now.
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