Deer Stew

A sprinkling of white glittery frost covers the ground outside- and the patio furniture, the last of what was left of the vegetable garden and the car, even though I’ve just driven it for the past forty minutes. It’s nearly 8.30 in the morning and a crisp 21F. BRRRRRRR.  I bundled my daughter up after our morning school run and raced into the warmth of the house. At 70 inside, it’s a blazing hothouse, but I notice for once my hot blooded daughter doesn’t rush to change into a summery dress. I know I should pack those away, but less than a week ago it was 80F and we were talking about hitting the beach. Now if I stand outside too long, an icicle is bound to form at the end of my nose. What happened to Global Warming? Now is the time to break out the old crock pot and start a batch of deer stew.

I used to cook up a good chili in the cold weather or a big pot of French Onion Soup, but with a husband’s passion for hunting, the only thing we have in the freezer is deer meat- and I can’t seem to give the stuff away! My husband started hunting about three or four years ago, but until this year he never actually caught anything except a cold. This year, every time he’s come back with a doe or buck and one in the shop being prepped. Thank goodness there’s a limit to how many deer you can shoot in Georgia, as the freezer is bursting at its’ seams!

I am most lucky in the fact that dear husband brings home everything already cut up and wraps and labels it himself, as I don’t fancy coming face to face with a Bambi pelt. I had that experience with a boar’s head. I’d been away for the weekend and when I came home, I opened up the fridge to find a whole head of a wild boar staring up at me from the top shelf of the fridge- teeth, whiskers and all. I was not amused. Instead, everytime I now open the freezer packages of deer chunks, cubes, sausage and steaks come tumbling out. One entire shelf is taken up by a large package marked “HAM.” Now what exactly is deer ham?  So here we have been eating deer- alot of it. My husband took me to a restaurant in Cross Creek for our anniversary  a couple of weeks back. There was venison on the menu- I groaned aloud and the waitress raved about deer sausage, steak, etc- she said she loved deer. I might just go back and drop her a large package of chunks, cubes and HAM and then see if she still likes it so much!

Seriously, my husband took his last hunting trip just as the deer season was coming to a close. “Can’t you shoot a turkey or something?” I begged. “Jungle chicken perhaps?”

My son rolled his eyes. “How bout a wild cow?”

No such luck, so for now, it is deer stew…. bowl anyone?

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