Christmas Gifts for Young Adventurers


 Christmas Gift Ideas for Young Adventurers: The Official Adventures of Mom Gift Guide (Part Two)

The Adventures of Mom Christmas Gift Guide for Young Adventurers
The Adventures of Mom Christmas Gift Guide for Young Adventurers

We covered our Gift Guide for Adventurers Part One. You can read about that here, but what about the kids? Do you have a young adventurer in your life? Or a child/niece/nephew/grandchild/kid-next-door in whom you wish to instill a sense of adventure? Then we have the guide for you! With help from my dear children, we have compiled the official Adventures of Mom Christmas Gift Idea list for those (even last minute) gifts to give to the young adventurer, or to help foster adventure in the favorite child/tween/teen in your life. Read on!


(Adventures of Mom Disclaimer):Please note that even if I mention companies below, they are NOT affiliate/advertising links. They are only links to their official websites. I love Groupons, so excuse my gushing about them, but I am in no way connected to their company.  Please feel free to share this list, just mention when doing so. Thanks!


 Gift Ideas for Young Adventurers

  • Metal Detectors: These make great gifts and get your children exploring- inside and outside. Great for beach hunts too! You can start with the inexpensive (Toys R Us /Target sells them) all the way up to the professional. Metal Detectors on here.
  • Cameras: Today’s digital cameras are incredible. I remember how many rolls of film I went through- and they were BAD photos- now you can just delete and move on, printing only the cream of the crop. A camera encourages your child to see the beauty in every day life. This is a fantastic gift. Cameras range from basic to Canon Rebel professional.  Video capabilities on a camera are a bonus. Kids love to make videos! Encourages responsibility, coordination and creativity. Cameras can be found in the electronic sections of Walmart/Target/ or local warehouse store (ie Sam’s Club), or camera sections of Best Buy or some on here.
  • Go-Pro Cameras: If your child is already an action hero, a Go-Pro can capture their thrilling adventures- from biking through the neighborhood to Zip-Lining across canyons. For mature kids only. These can be pricey! Go-Pro cameras can be found at Target/Walmart/Sams Club or here on
  • A drone: (this was my son’s top recommendation) Drones are THE Christmas gift of the year. The ones including video footage are the best for older kids, but be prepared for your child to morph into James Bond with spying ( on the dog, nature and YOU!) When they start asking for their chocolate milk shaken, not stirred, then you can start to worry! Drones can be found everywhere these days (for sale, I mean), from Walmart/Target/Bealls Outlet/Warehouse stores like Sam’s Club/Best Buy.
  • A compass: everyone should learn to use a compass, but no one will ever get the chance unless they have one! I think those Pirates of the Caribbean Movies actually made compasses cool again. (Thanks, Captain Jack!) My son has a old ship’s compass from an antique store in Apalachicola. You can include a treasure  hunt with it- in your house/yard. Draw a rough map, include steps (ie seven paces east, two paces north, etc.) and hide/bury in a shoebox another present for them. Georgia State Parks have orienteering adventures to utilize that new compass. Read about them here (scroll down to bottom of page on website). Here are some compasses on
  • A GPS: this is the advanced version of a compass. The handheld units are great for young explorers. Include some local Geo-caching coordinates and take them hunting for treasure in your State Park. Be sure to bring a little something (plastic army man, small seashell, etc.) to replace your geocache find. Read about  Florida State Park Geocaching here. Read about Geocaching in Georgia State Parks here. South Carolina Geocaching in State Parks here. Handheld GPS trackers on here.
  • Gift certificates for adventure: never underestimate the power of a gift certificate! You can get them from local businesses or even online for rock climbing (see your local gym), zip-lining, caving, kayaking & even horseback riding. Prices and adventures vary.
  • Groupons: Yeah, I had to stick it in here. These can be lumped with the gift certificates. Check out your area adventures first at for some sweet discounted deals. They have offered 50% off deals on horseback riding, snorkeling with manatees & kayaking adventures. Check the deal first, some adventures require an  accompanying adult with under 18 year olds.
  • The Dangerous Book for Boys : this is a book filled with what some call old-fashioned adventures, from knot tying to skipping stones, making a slingshot and building tree houses. There’s even a bit about what’s the big deal about girls (so not for young kids) The link above is for Amazon, but you can find it in your local book store/favorite book store website as well.
  • The Daring Book for Girls: Why should boys have all the fun? How to be a Spy, Making a Quill pen, Climbing,  Paddling a Canoe and Boys are some of the chapters in this book, which mixes anecdotes about famous women in history with adventure ideas. Found in local book stores/websites as well.
  • Handy Book of Knots: I got this knot tying book kit years ago for my son. Includes book and practice ropes. Knot tying is a skill that everyone should have (not only kids). The link is for Amazon, but I had purchased one from a local Barnes and Noble store.
  • Boys Life Magazine Subscription:  Give a years worth of inspiration! This is actually the official Boy Scout magazine, but you don’t have to be a boy scout to be inspired by these adventures.  Useful ideas and articles. Great for Tween and up. This is the Barnes & Noble link here.  My son used to get this magazine so I know that it is good. There is a Girls Life Magazine, but I have not seen it (content-wise) personally. Boys Life is Outdoor focused, Girls Life does not seem to be. Heck, us girls are outdoorsy too!  Link for Girls Life here.  You be the judge!
  • ART: I wouldn’t be a true artist without recommending some creative gifts. Sketch books with colored pencils/gel pens/charcoal pencils included are always good ideas. Also Watercolor sets (watercolor pencils rock BTW!) with water color pads. Portable and great for impromptu Plein Air (outdoor art) sessions. Use those 40%- 50% coupons from Michaels/Joanns/Hobby Lobby for best deals. Also adult coloring books are a rage now (I saw a beautiful wildlife one the other day), and cool for the teen/tween in your life. Add a pack of gel pens or colored pencils. Great for traveling.

There you have it, the official Adventures of Mom Gift Guide for Young Adventurers. Do you have any awesome gift ideas for young adventurers? Comments are welcome below.

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