Christmas Gift Ideas for the Adventurers in your life of all ages.
Christmas Gift Ideas for the Adventurers in your life of all ages.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Outdoor Adventurers

Christmas Gift Ideas for Outdoor Adventurers

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 A Holiday Gift Guide for the Adventurous People in Your Life

Every year, December rolls around and all of those lovely planners who started buying Christmas gifts the day after last Christmas, stay snuggled up at home with a good Netflix movie and a mug of steaming hot chocolate, while us unprepared folks–the pansters– are scrambling for gifts to give to our dearly beloved. A lot of times this results in a last minute grab in a crowded shop and way too many gift certificates (stop laughing now). Yes, I confess my husband and I once did all of our holiday shopping on Christmas Eve with a newborn in-tow- we figured the baby wouldn’t know the difference (he still remains none-the-wiser).

This year, don’t wait until the very last minute. Plan ahead for those adventure-seeking outdoor enthusiasts and travelers in your life and give the gift of adventure! We’ve compiled a list (yes, another!) of Christmas gift ideas for the adventurous people in your life.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Sports should always be encouraged whenever possible.

  • Living the River Life. Though it may not be easy to fit a 12 foot kayak under the tree, a gift that opens up a lifetime of new adventures will always be remembered. Kayaks  and SUPs. Don’t forget the regulation PFD and paddle! For your friends who are already water-babies, dry-bags are essentials!
  • The Wheels on the…yeah, you know the song! The year we gave our kids bicycles, I slapped a big red bow on each of them and we put them in the front yard. The kids rode in circles on the back patio for the entire day. It was adorable! Give them wheels and they will go! Rollerskates/rollerblades are great for coordination and balance, as are skateboards, just don’t forget the knee pads and helmets!
  • Teach a Boy or Girl to Fish… Any family or friends angling for adventure? A cane pole, some hooks and bait are a great place to start. Small tackle boxes with weights and hooks. And then of course you launch into the rod and reel zone and next thing you know you’re hooking a Tarpon (a girl can dream, right?). Don’t forget the fishing license (adults only)!
  • Play Ball! Go totally retro and give a football– and then toss it with your child. Same goes for a basketball or soccer ball, even a volleyball. Bring sports back into your family. We gave our daughter a giant ball years ago- it was probably as big as her- but we had as much fun as her playing with it.
  • Take it to a Park:  a State Park Annual Pass, individual or family, is a gift that continues giving throughout the year. It’s also a gift that encourages spending time outdoors and adventure! Purchase them on-line or at your local State Park.
  • A Groupon Adventure. Last year I scored a family kayaking trip at a reduced rate on I’ve also gotten a few family bowling nights cheap at our local alley. I love Groupon! They have fantastic deals and give you the opportunity to ‘gift’ your purchases. Wine tastings, snorkeling with manatees, kayaking adventures, the list goes on.  Check out their website, and look under local deals. Choose what suits your budget and location. Check out your area adventures first at for some sweet discounted deals. They have offered 50% off deals on horseback riding, snorkeling with manatees & kayaking adventures.

Most of the above shopping you can do in the comfort of your own home, far from the maddening crowds, yes, isn’t Amazon great? So if you have an outdoor adventurer in your life, consider giving a gift that will enrich their lives.


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