Children weren’t born to eat chicken nuggets…

“Children weren’t born to eat chicken nuggets,” my husband says as I proclaim my four year old daughter’s newest food interest. This month it is pita bread dipped in Italian dressing. Last month it was quail, then gator- and all around sushi. I always like to point out that I am NOT giving them chicken nuggets! So I don’t know why he is telling me this all the time.

It is sad however, the number of kids in America who ARE eating chicken nuggets on a regular basis (the quick grab between food shopping, errand running, I am not on about), but fed at home. Why? Are chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese American staples? Would you as an adult eat that stuff? Quite awful, if you think about it- gobs of starch and fat- and where’s that chicken under the breading? If our kids were born in Japan, they’d be eating rice every day, in France, they’d be having a small glass of wine with their lunch…in Greece, feta cheese and bread- don’t forget the olive oil. How on earth did we get suckered into this kid- only cuisine?

I will fall back on plain ignorance when I fed baby #1 that baby food- I did try it myself, and it was gross! Why on earth did I feed it to my child? By baby 2 (the sushi fiend) someone had advised me to buy a food processor and just dump in what ever everyone else was eating and spoon it in! Baby #2 is my adventurous eater (#1 is not!). Oh if only someone had told me the truth in the beginning! ****(Please note if your child has food allergies, or anyone in your family does, know exactly what you are popping in the blender. Also young kids can have severe reactions to peanut butter, honey, shellfish, raw fish, eggs and milk–BE SMART! I am not a doctor, just a mom. If you have questions regarding food/allergies, consult your doctor)- that was my disclaimer!

I’m proud of my kids, they eat fresh fruit, vegetables, salads and deer of course- lots of deer! Kids pick up on the eating habits of those closest around them, luckily I don’t like chicken nuggets! Don’t get me wrong, my son would scoff them down- but out of sight, out of mind, right? We are not angels here, and ice cream is a family favorite. This commercialism around us is so pressuring- the chicken nuggets, the sugared cereals, kids yogurt with bright colored dyes (trust me, if they like yogurt, they don’t need a cartoon character on the side to make it taste better!) My step daughter tried to get me to by a pre-packed lunch, but the thought of a cold taco or cold slice of pizza- congealed cheese, ugh, was too much- we have enough cold leftovers at home. Who thinks of these things any way? Fight the pressure of commercialism, feed your kids what you eat, not what some company wants you to think they’ll eat! Kids weren’t born to eat chicken nuggets.

Well, lunch time now-think it’s greek salad and some pita bread- yum!

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