Bug Repellent Bracelet- Product Review

It isn’t every day I get to do a product rave- truth be known, we are really not consumers in the mainstream (I’m one of those Essential Oils, coconut oil, natural remedies kind of moms), but I heard about these bug repellent bracelets last year, one of my mom-friends was using them on their kids. After my daughter doused herself in stinky bug spray (yes, it was natural) because she was getting bit up by mossies in the garden the other day, I decided to give them a try.

Growing our own food means lots of weeding for me!
My back garden is full of weeds …and mosquitoes! I need a good bug repellent!

I happened to see some in Walmart for 97 cents each, neatly packaged in a bin near the gardening section.  I picked some up, one of each color, thinking that we could take a walk in the woods and try them out- our soaring 90F heat and daily torrential rains have made this area of Florida a haven for blood-sucking mosquitos that would make Dracula blush.

Yesterday I decided to try and tackle the weeds threatening to take over our garden and immediately got bit up by a load of mossies. I stuck one of those bracelets (stretchy like a coiled bungee cord) around my ankle wow- bugs

Bug repellant bracelet product review
This handy bug repellent bracelet gets a thumbs up from The Adventures of Mom


It smells very strong of citronella and says it has a 250 hour life span (I’ll be putting that to the test too), but it saved me having to spray bug spray all over myself, and at 97cents, my frugal self likes it! Now if I could just get my hands on one of those Cefaly headbands to prevent migraines too….

When you are adventuring, or just gardening in the great outdoors, how do you keep the bugs away?

Sunflower in the garden
Sunflowers in the garden attract bees, but I attract mosquitoes!
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