Angling For Adventure


This year marked a turn of events in our adventurous family- well, a couple of them, actually. Our little girl caught the fishing fever- quite a few catfish, blue gills and bass as well, and I finally got a new fishing license.

my daughter caught the fishing fever
Catching catfish

After a day of daddy-bonding on the old boat, our little girl was hooked- literally. Now she is the first one out of the house at Grandma’s- headed for the dock out back to cast her pole.

fishing is a family affair
fishing is a family affair

Having been taught to cast by my then three year old step-daughter (now 16!), I had let my own license expire after the babies started walking- er running towards the water. (Priorities folks!) But now that I am able to sit back and enjoy our dockside/river outings, I too throw the lined out in hopes of the perfect catch.

Angling adventures
That fish is as big as her!
More Angling Adventures

*I am still squeamish of live bait and my daughter is in charge of getting the fish off the hook for me. Yay adventurous kids! Now our adventures include some of the angling kind.

Angling for Adventure?

What you need to know, before you go:

1. If you are an adult, you need a fishing license (saltwater or freshwater or combo) This is a state by state license- ie, you can’t use the Florida one in Georgia- sorry! Kids fish free. (Yay!) Charter companies pay for your licenses unless otherwise stated.

2. You can purchase your fishing license at Walmart (the hunting section of the store). You need picture id- ie driver’s license. Or do it on-line.

3. You need poles, hooks, lead weights and bait.


4. Fancy bait is okay, but we use heated up hot dogs, bread, leftover shrimp and catch fish fine. My husband used live crabs at the beach and caught more than he did with purchased bait- go figure.

5. We catch and release mostly (sport fishing). But keep some for dinner when appropriate. Regulations and rules for Florida fishing are here. Have a ruler handy if you are bringing them in to eat.

angling adventures
The fishing family

6. Fishing the backwaters? My son once caught a big water moccasin- highly poisonous! Know what you have before jerking it up onto the boat/dock.

7. Sunscreen, hats and drinking water- oh yes, a camera to capture that big catch and a phone if there are problems- storms are bad in Florida- don’t get caught in one.

And if the fever really grips you and your family, you can try a fishing charter on your travels or enter a local or not so local fishing tournament .



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