A Post-Mother’s Day Reunion


I confess that I’ve been swept up into the frantic pace of life again- learning coding, intensive gardening, a week-long Essential Oil Summit and taking care of, ferrying and feeding kids and fowl alike. Mother’s Day was a whip around to see all the grandma’s and take the dog for shots. The day flew past so fast that I wished I had a rewind button. Take it slow- enjoy life, stop running, and then the day after Mother’s Day, I was thrown a  sign…

Stop and smell the roses...
Mother’s Day was such a whirlwind that I wished for a rewind button- to stop and smell the roses….

A fledgling hawk fell out of his nest outside of my mom’s house. He was still shaking- stunned when I arrived.

Wow. He was a beauty- a baby to melt a mom’s heart- too stunned to even cry out. I’d never seen a baby hawk this close. He was like a dinosaur- curious and strange, halfway between fluff and feathers.

A Post-Mother's Day Reunion
A fledgling hawk had fallen from its’ nest

I must admit, I have the utmost respect for wild critters, and even though this was a baby, it’s predator beak could have snapped a finger in two easily- I once took a baby cardinal out of a dog’s mouth and that bird latched onto by thumb and would not let go for anything, so there was no way I was touching this little cutie.

The beauty of the day, besides seeing this awesome creature up close, was that the mother came for it! And took it away! Yay! We think it was learning to fly and bombed at the first lesson. Later that day we saw two young hawks flying above the trees- Just hope their mom taught them how to make a soft landing!

The fast paced bustle of life took a long exhale-  a lesson on appreciating beauty in the moment, courtesy of a fallen baby hawk and his mom. A belated Happy Mother’s Day to all!

A beautiful post-Mother’s Day reunion.

Some Fun Facts For You:

Hawks are Birds Of Prey: Predators. They love meat, preferably fast food- the kind still running. – I’ve personally witnessed one swoop down and take off a chicken’s head (It was my chicken, so I was not too happy at the time). They have a long shrill call.  It is unlike other usual bird sounds- If you have chickens, you learn this sound real quick- it means get the chicks to safety! Hawks are also protected by law- no shooting hawks! Oddly enough like the shark and dolphin relationship, crows and hawks don’t mix and I’ve seen crows actually chase away the hawks. We have a trio of crows that love our place (I suspect it’s the watermelon) and I know when they are around, the hens are safe. Go Figure!

I've been swpt up by intensive gardening, and Essential Oil Summit and more...
Intensive gardening reaps…fresh carrots!
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