A Close Up Tour of St. George Street in St. Augustine, Florida

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Discovering the cool nooks and crannies on St. George Street in historic St. Augustine

St. Augustine City Gates
St. George Street starts here! Pass through the old city gates back through time….

St. Augustine’s, St. George Street has felt the tread of many souls and soles for that matter. This is the most popular walking destination in the city. We never just breeze past. It’s the secret gardens through the back doors of the shops and little nooks and crannies that make St. George Street one of the most interesting streets in the state of Florida.

I thought I’d share some of the finer details of St. George Street from our last trip.

Oldest Wooden School house, St. Augustine, FL
Back to the schoolhouse: my son pointed out after reading this that it is the oldest WOODEN schoolhouse! So I stand corrected!
Oldest wooden schoolhouse, St. Augustine
Oldest schoolhouse window. Hand crafted panes of glass. Everyone in Florida should have these hurricane-worthy shutters!
the Old Mill, St. Augustine
The Old Mill. Everyone looks at the water wheel, but the masonry is outstanding! How did they get that shape to hold?
Archeology site in St. Augustine
Indiana Jones anyone? We found an archeology site next to the Old Mill. But what are THEY finding?
Colonial Quarter. St. Augustine
Sometimes you need to look up to spot cool things, like this Colonial Quarter sign.
Fountain in St. Augustine
Secret gardens and fountains are everywhere on St. George Street, like this one, next to the Wooden Mustache Shop. How can you forget a name like that?
Shop on St. George Street
Shops on St. George Street have cozy courtyards, that look so inviting that you can’t resist.
Colonial Spanish Quarter Museum in St. Augustine
Peek through the windows on St. George Street and you might see scenes like this! Colonial Spanish Quarter Museum.
Secret Garden on St. George Street
We found another secret garden, through the back door of a glass shop on St. George Street. A beautiful green oasis of peace.
St. George Street, St. Augustine
Flags are flying above St. George Street.
St. George Street
Sometimes it’s the details that capture your attention, like these hand crafted, ceramic tile number plates
St. George Street, St. Augustine
Approaching storm. We managed to dart into a hat shop when the rain storm hit.

The storm ended our photo tour of St. George Street, but there were plenty of shops to entertain us during the rain!

Do you take photos of your adventures?

And do you get the full picture or go for the details?

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