5 reasons you should visit your local pumpkin patch
5 reasons you should visit your local pumpkin patch

5 Reasons You Should Visit Your Local Pumpkin Patch

Why you need to take your kids to the local pumpkin patch

‘Tis the season for pumpkins. Glorious fields upon fields of those multi-colored balls of flavor and fun (yes, there ARE a rainbow of colors for pumpkins- and shapes too!) And now is the time of year when the local farmers open their gates to let the public explore. Harvest time! This is the time to take your kids for an afternoon out at your local pumpkin patch, and here are the top reasons why:

  1. The really big tractors. Kids love big machinery- especially these mighty machines. Most farms have a tractor or two that they can explore. Also the best of them offer a hay ride: a wagon filled with bales of hay that you sit on, pulled by one of those big tractors for a riding tour of the farm and fields.

    5 reasons to visit your local pumpkin patch
    Kids love really big tractors.
  2. The hay fort. Every year the hay fort at our local pumpkin farm gets bigger and bigger. Originally it was just bales of hay, then they added a slide, now there are two slides! This is a child’s chance to jump on hay without getting yelled at by someone! Enjoy!

    5 reasons to visit your local pumpkin patch
    your kids can climb all over hay with out someone yelling at them!
  3. The corn maze. I played in corn fields as a child when we went to the drive-in movies. Farm mazes range from small, to an acre, to a full 10 acres (bring your cellphone on that one!). This is my kids’ favorite thing to do!

    5 reasons to visit your local pumpkin patch
    Get lost in a corn maze at your local pumpkin patch
  4. The great pumpkin hunt. Grab a wagon and snips and head out into the field to explore and hunt for the best pumpkin. Be sure to check the prices before you go out, as they vary according to size and variety. And only cut the pumpkin you want. Sure they are probably cheaper at your local mega grocers, but check out the sticker- how far did that pumpkin travel? At your local farm when you pick it, you are guaranteed freshness. What are you going to do with that pumpkin? Pies? Smoothies? Jack-o-lanterns? Or just decorations? The local farmers can direct you to the best variety for your needs.

    5 reasons to visit your local pumpkin patch
    Take the kids pumpkin hunting at your local pumpkin farm
  5. Hanging with friends. Always save the best for last. By visiting your local pumpkin patch, not only are you supporting your local farmers, but also, chances are you will run into people you know and school kids your child knows, and there’s no batter place to chill with friends then the great outdoors!
    5 reasons to visit your local pumpkin patch now
    Sometimes you’ll get a bonus or two: like a field of sunflowers to explore!

    Pumpkin Patches : The Facts

  • They charge a fee for entry. Anything form $2 on up, depending on the farm and what they offer. (Pumpkins cost extra).
  • Drinks are usually on sale on site. Food varies, or none at all.
  • These are farms, so they only open certain days (weekends usually) for the public.

    5 reasons to visit your local pumpkin patch
    Pumpkins come in all shapes, sizes and even colors. Ask your pumpkin farmer which is the best type for your needs.

Find a Pumpkin Farm Near You:

Here’s some to get you started. Call ahead for hours, & days.


http://rogersfarm.webplus.net/page10.html (Gainesville, FL)

http://www.coonhollocornmaze.com/ (Micanopy, FL)

http://www.dunnellonpumpkinpatch.com/        (Dunnellon, FL)

http://www.poppellfarms.com/ (Odum, Ga )

http://www.kinseyfamilyfarm.com/fall-harvest.html (Gainesville, GA)

http://www.burtsfarm.com/ (Dawsonville, GA)

http://www.uncleshucks.com/ (Dawsonville, GA)

Do you know of a pumpkin farm near you? Let us know about it in the comments section. Thanks!

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