Welcome to the Blog- a spot on Caving in Ocala


Welcome to the blog. I should have stated this earlier, but I was too busy rambling. If you have arrived looking for talk on leaky diapers and infant acid reflux, perhaps I should direct you to the nearest parenting website. If you’re looking for gunslinging adventures- well, the only thing I’ve ever shot was a rat on a telephone line. My children are of preschool age ( 2&4) girl and boy, and these are tales of daily life and past musings. You will probably find them highly opinionated sometimes political, sometimes outlandish, but the tales are of true adventures, past and present (the opinions are all mine). Intrigued? Read on….

I used to say I crammed the lives of five people into mine, with world travels and crazy adventures, and it would not matter if I died tomorrow, because atleast I had lived, (and I’m only in my mid-30’s!- okay bordering closer to the other edge), but with the birth of baby 1 and baby 2, I would like to hold on to see them both graduate high school- maybe even University. So now I am selfish with how I throw my rings- I remember when my brother  Scott and I used to go caving when we were school kids. We would squeeze into the most amazing small cracks in the earth and lower ourselves down with ropes. I remember the one cave had bones of animals in it. They were in a pile, so they had been brought there by something bigger- never found out what that bigger thing was. There were caves all over the place near where we lived- you could sniff them out! The outside air would drop in temperature and you could smell the dampness, then voila, sure enough, a crack in the earth just begging for exploration.

I came face to face with a bat in one such cave. I climbed down the rope into the unknown, switched on my flashlight and right next to my face was the meanest, ugliest face with pointy teeth. He was hanging next to my head from an overhang. I screamed and he took off, further into the cave. I laugh about it now, but it was scary back then. I think if my kids told me they were squeezing into holes in the ground to explore an underground world of blind fish, bats and the unknown, I might have a fit- then again, I might say- take me with you!

Alas the caves in the area are being filled so that developers can continue the rape of the land, as I like to call it- razing the trees, wildlife- everything into the ground to stick up their concrete houses two feet from each other. If you happen to buy into one of these monster sites, who knows, there may be a batch of animal bones right beneath your house!

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