Bloggers I follow: A Christmas Share
Bloggers I follow: A Christmas Share

2015 Blogroll Share List

The 2015 Blog Roll Line Up: Sharing the blogs that have made a difference

If sharing is caring, then I’ve gotta lotta love! Link love, that is! Am super charged after experiencing an incredible sunset- that sky-on-fire kind that makes you go “wow” and want to do something just as incredible in life, so I am sharing with my dear readers, some of this year’s fave blogs of mine: bloggers that I have followed.

Free Candee. Candace Walsh was originally Candace Does the World, but this year she packed her bags and moved from her home in Canada to Berlin. Her metamorphosis was completed when she changed her blog to Free Candee. New digs, new country and new life.  Way to go!

Read about her first impressions of living in Berlin: But alas, she does NOT pass out free candy!

 The Art of Non-Conformity. Chris Guillebeau and his Art of Non-Conformity blog has been a long time favorite of mine. I even bought his Art of Non-Conformity Guide! This author/entrepreneur/world-changer has travelled to every country in the world and hosts an annual World Domination Summit and Pioneer Nation event to inspire others.

Explore his Unconventional Guides for life-changing ideas, subscribe to his newsletter and receive inspirational tales of real people living their dreams, their way! It’s a beautiful thing! But, Chris, I have yet to get a cupcake…

In case you need the push, read his: Why you should quit your job and travel the world post:

Nomadic Matt. Matt Kepnes is a professional wanderer, not to be confused with Dancing Matt, though he too might have some dancing shoes tucked in his well worn backpack. Author of Travel the World on $50 a Day, his website is full of fantastic travel hacking ideas and links (love the links, Matt!)

Try his 18 Lessons from 5 Years Around the World Post: And no, he does not offer candy or cupcakes- just saying!

Wandering Earl. Derek Earl Barron, better known as Wandering Earl, has been traveling since 1999. This Florida-boy touts himself as a permanent nomad. Besides giving  bite size vignettes into different cultures and some deep philosophical notions, he also offers small-sized tours in various locations around the globe to further fund his nomadic lifestyle.

And yes, you must read his Most Important Travel Rule :

Goats on the Road. Nick and Dariece are the Canadian couple who just can’t stop traveling. They have turned their passion into a lifestyle. They are currently on a Caribbean house-sitting kick. Their blog has lots of good ways to earn money ideas (and links)- I’m thinking about the WWOOFing myself! And you can find them everywhere- even YouTube! These goats have come a long way!

Join their email list- they have a backpack giveaway! And check out their photos from their trip to Cuba this year:

A Broken Backpack. Another Canadian traveler (what is IT about Canada?), quirky blogger Melissa has been traveling a year and a half, and on a tight budget. Where some might be at wit’s end, she tends to view a much lighter side of her ordeals. I love reading about the highs and lows- it is real life.

20 Signs that You Have Been Backpacking on a Budget Too Long

The Tim Ferriss Experiment. I call Tim Ferriss a modern day James Bond. Any guy that can teach you how to pick locks and then cook a four-course romantic dinner is well- breath whipped away. Author of the 4-Hour Work Week and the 4-Hour Chef,  Tim interviews cool guests on his weekly podcasts. He also sends out a Friday bullet list- listing the cool things he is doing that week – not to brag, but to give inspiration. Love the tunes! Check him out at:

Dr. Axe. Dr. Josh Axe has been a great resource for health and getting healthy- naturally. I’ve been dealing with gut issues and he’s the go-to guy. He also has some great recipes using essential oils! Learn how to deal with gut issues, migraines, and much more. This guy is awesome & informational.

Check out his lavender & coconut oil moisturizer receive:


Happy New Years!

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